Decs and rolls

Stupid Emma decided to trip me over today.

She has a tennis ball that she plays with in between chewing wellies, bits of tree and her Kong. We have a little game where I throw it through the extension, towards the front door and she brings it back. It’s quite good for wearing her out and it’s a game I can play sitting on the heated tiles. Today, however, we weren’t playing. In fact, I had just finished putting up the icicle lights.

Emma, clearly thinking it would attract my attention, dropped the ball under one of my heels as I was stepping backwards. And, of course, I fell over.

There was a couple of good things about her timing. Firstly, I was in the middle of the room so there was no furniture and, secondly, because of her positioning of the ball, I fell sideways. Okay, I twisted my ankle but I managed to fall on my hip rather than either my knees or back. Of course, being on the floor meant that I was instantly assaulted by dogs.

And it’s not like they were worried. They took full advantage of my prone position to lick me.

So, the rest of the day was spent hobbling about and resting my wounds. Stupid Emma!

Before the Tennis Ball Incident, I whipped up some sausage rolls with the leftover turkey stuffing. Once they’d cooled, they went into the freezer (after I’d tasted a cople, of course) ready for Christmas.

Mini sausage rolls

I also went down to Homebase and bought some icicle Christmas lights to hang over the big sliding doors. They look very Christmassy.

300 icicles

Fortunately for me, the Snooker UK Championship is presently on the BBC, so, at least I had something exciting to watch on the TV. And, while I almost cheered when the horrid Sean Murphy was knocked out by Marco Fu, the highlight had to be an exquisite 147 break by Ronnie O’Sullivan to get him through to the quarter finals. Poetry in motion, it was.

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  1. hat says:

    S/Rolls look wonderful making me hungry trouble is cant eat from a computer. Lol
    hope your ankle is ok for your hols.
    Love mum and dad xx


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