Christmas prep

Wow! It smells a lot like Christmas in here!” Said Builder Dave when he arrived to complete the extension once and for all.

Today was all about cooking for Christmas. Armed with my Delia timetable and recipe book, I spent most of the day either preparing or cleaning up. By the end of the day, the freezer had acquired a number of containers filled with various goodies.

The smell pervading everything came from my cranberry and orange relish, which was happily bubbling lightly on the hob. As well as the relish, I made the bread sauce and turkey stuffing.

Then, at the end of the day, I made my first mince pies of the year. Of course, I’d made my fruit mince ages ago, giving it time to ‘mature.’ By dinner time, I had 24 little treats, cooling with icing sugar (rather than corn flour) dusted over them. Naturally, I had to try one to make sure they were edible. I wasn’t sure so I had to have a second one.

Some of the mince pies

They are delicious. I always find that shop bought mince pies are too sweet with the pastry too thick. Making your own means you can make the pastry really thin and the sugar content in the fruit mince is also controlled. Anyway, as I said, they were delicious.

Builder Dave, as it turned out, was only here for about half an hour. He ran a bead of silicone between the Corian top and upstand in the bathroom. When he returned from his job, he proclaimed that he was leaving as quickly as possible so I wouldn’t suddenly come up with something else for him to do. He then sent me his final invoice.

Actually, it isn’t really his final invoice. He’s going to send the decorator back (not Tatt-man, I hasten to add) in about six months, to touch up cracks and other problems. An amount has been held back for this contingency.

It feels fantastic to be able to say it’s now completely finished. So much so that the first weekend in December will now be a Traditional Festival in the same way that our Hope and Gratitude Dinner is in October and our UK Arrival is in February. We’ll probably called it the End of Extension Dinner.

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  1. hat says:

    Yum mince pies look great I am going to do some next week I said to dad I will have a go haven’t done them for years hope they look as good as yours.
    Love mum and dad xx

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