Following a lovely Skype with Mum & Dad, I headed out into the garden, again. The rain was a mere drizzle…for a bit. Still, it wasn’t particularly cold and the drizzle really only affected Emma.

I heard on the news today that 2014 is, so far, the hottest year on record. Not only here in the UK but all over the world. And, of the 15 hottest years since records began, 14 of them were in this century. There have only been 14 years in this century. That pretty much says it all. I wonder how the deniers can keep denying even when they’re faced with the obvious.

Mind you, it’s impossible to convince people that religion is really a belief in the imaginary so climate change denial is entirely understandable. Possibly a lot of people are praying the world will still be habitable for their progeny. Good luck with that waste of time. I’m just glad I don’t have children because the planet is going to get pretty bad over the next 50 years.

The climate didn’t bother me that much this morning. My first job was to move the wood pile away from the office to make the Chutney Bed easier to dig.

The logs used to be down the side of the house and were for the fire in the Front Room (rechristened The Cooler). I moved them prior to the start of hostilities, back in February. Today I moved them again.

We only use the Cooler for storage at the moment so the logs have become a bit unnecessary so, rather than keep them nicely wrapped up in tarpaulins and sitting on a pallet, I made a little pile for insects and spiders and the sort of things that Sophie loathes. I hasten to add that that wasn’t the only reason. They’ve become a small feature down by my stone pixie cairn.

We then had a break for lunch before starting to prepare a new home for the second acer. Unlike the first acer, this one was in the ground and required quite a bit of weeding and digging out first. Emma was very helpful, while Day-z just watched.

It was a struggle, but eventually it was moved. And then the rain decided to fall with a bit more determination. We packed up and went inside. Well, Day-z and I went inside. I had to carry a filthy Emma into the laundry and, ignoring her protestations and ridiculously cute ‘sad face’, give her a bath. Day-z thought it was very funny and didn’t hide her delight.

Before finishing in the garden, I managed to take this photo of the two of them on the terrace. It’s the same as one I took at the beginning of September…

On September 5

…and this shows how much Emma has grown…and how dirty she was today.

On December 2
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  1. hat says:

    Wow she has grown but still cute.
    Love mum and dad xx

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