Treading the boards

Today we went to Thursley, possibly for the last time this year. All of the rain we’ve had has left it very wet and the boardwalk very slippery in parts. There’s also a lot of mud.

The boardwalk is only slippery where it is shaded by plants or dips a little too close to the bogs. Still, it’s enough to put one off, particularly when one spends a good deal of the walk pretending one is skating.

In fact, both of us took a tumble. Mirinda’s tumble was a lot worse than mine – she nearly ended up in the bog. I merely went down on one knee as if preparing for a knighthood.

Emma, while managing to retain her (four) footing, collected more mud than anyone else, turning her coat a good deal darker than normal. Not that it bothered her. It’s a good thing we have a special muddy dog blanket in Sidney. Actually it’s just an ordinary blanket which is regularly subjected to muddy paws and bellies.

The blanket is also very handy for the vomit that Emma regularly throws up onto it. We always know when she’s evacuated her tummy. The car suddenly smells of over cooked biscuits. You’d think this would be a pleasant smell but it’s way too strong in the confines of a small car. She doesn’t travel well but at least she cleans up her own mess. She really doesn’t like wasting food, no matter where it’s come from.

We didn’t see many other dog walkers in the late afternoon rays of dying light. Everything was bathed in a warm glow while being somewhat chilly. At least it wasn’t raining.

Thursley in the prevening

Back at home I took full advantage of the new laundry sink to hose the mud of her while Day-z looked on, laughing.

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  1. hat says:

    Wow!! good thing you didn’t have to hose Mirnda I don’t think she would have liked it, love mum and dad xx

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