Nearly there

PD James died today. She was 94 and it’s safe to say, she wasn’t the victim of foul play. A lot of people who have loved her crime fiction are now in mourning.

While in the Southern Hemisphere, the most unlikeliest of deaths occurred after Phillip Hughes was struck in the head by a cricket ball during a Sheffield Shield cricket match at the SCG. While dreadfully and heart-rendingly sad for his family, I spare a thought for poor Sean Abbott who bowled the ball. A terrible tragedy. Hughes was only 25.

But enough sadness…halfway through the day, I had a visit from Electrical Tim and Builder Dave.

Tim was here to fix a light switch and replace the bathroom exhaust fan which has never really worked. Actually, it worked if the setting was put very high but then would never turn off. The light switch was hanging off the wall. I think the decorators broke it. He set to work and was finished in about an hour.

Dave was here to put a bead of silicone between the Corian top and upstand in the bathroom. He bought the silicone. He forgot to bring it. This has now become the FINAL job of the extension. The theory is he will do it next week.

As for me, it was all about housework today including applying a sprayed on coat of Scotch Guard to the two red, fabric dining chairs. I’d read that it was quite smelly stuff to apply so I opened the doors wide and let loose with it. Sitting at the dining table at 6:30pm, I could still smell it. Evil stuff but, hopefully, worth it.

In the afternoon, I heard an interview on Radio 4 with Donald Johanson about the discovery of Lucy (see Monday’s post). What an amazing man. One of my heroes.

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  1. hat says:

    Well how on earth does Dave ever get anything finished he is always forgetting things,I have heard that about Scotch Guard before but it keeps chairs ect clean.
    Love mum and dad xxxx

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