All clear in the ear

Today I took Day-z back to the vet for a check on her healing ear. Since the operation, she’s been back to her normal self, so my hope was that the prognosis would be good.

The vet who performed the operation was the one who checked her. I haven’t seen this vet for ages, whereas we used to see her a lot. In fact she asked where Carmen was. I told her the sad news and she commiserated before fussing over Emma.

The reason I haven’t seen her for so long is because she had a baby a year ago and has only just returned to work.

Anyway, after a good and thorough examination (with the help of a nurse to hold Day-z’s head) the vet said she was very pleased with the progress. Day-z has healed very well, her ear canals clear and healthy. I still have to put the drops in for another week but I can stop the ear flap massage. If only it was the other way around.

Back at home, the weather was almost dry so I did some more work on the bed in front of the terrace. This reminded me of the many rainy dig days I’ve ploughed through. The earth was in big clumps, turning to mud every time I turned it. It was quite solid and tough work. It also left me (and the ever helpful Emma) very muddy. Rain stopped play so, after washing the mud off Emma I went and had a shower to do the same to myself.

In the afternoon, a cheerful delivery man handed me a box. I’d been waiting in for it. In a parody of Pass the Parcel, inside the box was another box. Inside this box was a beautiful black box which didn’t need opening. This gorgeous box was our new TV sound system. It really is a thing of simple beauty.

Set up took about five minutes. In fact, reading the set up instructions took much longer given the amount of paperwork that came with it.

I’d bought the Panasonic wireless sound system (thank you, Bob) so it could synch with our TV, which it did effortlessly. One moment we had normal, stingy sound and the next, full bodied, cinema sound erupted from beneath the TV.

Best of all, however, was the delight with which I removed the old speakers, amplifier and horrid cables from the Chutney Window. The clean, uncluttered expanse of wall and sill made me very happy. I reckon Mirinda will be twice as delighted.

Something else that will delight Mirinda is the fact that we don’t need another remote to operate it. Linking to the TV means it comes on automatically and the volume is controlled via the TV remote.

Gone are the days of long, laborious setups with leads and cables coiling everywhere. Gone are the days of trying to work out which plugs go where…and then redoing everything because one plug is in the wrong socket. In short, gone are the days of trial and error. It was all so simple I felt superfluous. It meant I had more than enough time to fix the balloon hooks in the hallway.

Late in the day, I had a few ’emergency’ changes to make to the U3A website. A new member of the committee has been looking at the website, picking up problems and letting me know what needs correcting. Her reporting style was very refreshing. Using numbered paragraphs and the page name, her notes were clear and concise and made the job much easier than it normally is. I told her so, having made the changes.

After dinner (and The Archers) I sat back to watch an episode of American Horror Story with the full aural cinematic experience. It was very, very good.

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