Kate drops by

Now that the extension is officially finished, we thought it time to invite our architect around to have look at what she’d wrought. So, at 2pm, Kate knocked at the door.

Her first reaction, while still on the doorstep outside, was a big “WOW!” While more concerned with our opinion (naturally) I think she thought it was all lovely. She also seemed to like my shortbread, which I’d whipped up in the morning especially.

Mirinda gave her the full tour, then we sat at the dining table for a long chat about our thoughts and feelings surrounding the entire process.

After gushing and praising, I assured her that, being Australian, we’d honestly tell her if the job had been rubbish. Regardless of the seemingly endless stream of praise, we did punctuate it with a few negative observations. The sort of ‘things we’d do differently next time’ sort of thing. Though I stressed the fact that I never wanted to go through it again.

One thing that Kate pointed out, following the upper floor section of the visit, was that there is some puddling on the extension roof. This, she said, I should tell Builder Dave about because it’s easier to fix from above than it is from below. That’s a job for next week then.

After a few hours, Kate said she had to race off and rescue her husband from the kids and we decided to go and buy a pie dish.

I used to have the perfect pie dish but, ages ago, it broke, rendering it far from perfect. I suggested we try Farnham Pottery. This is a pottery place that’s been around for hundreds of years and isn’t far from us.

In fact, when the Romans were here (100-400AD) they mined the clay at Alice Holt (a few miles up the road), made lots of pottery and floated it up to London starting at the Wey and ending on the Thames somewhere beyond where Westminster would eventually stand. Apparently the clay in the area is exceptional.

A few years ago the pottery was in danger of being closed down and converted into something dismally useful but a group managed to find enough money to preserve it. There’s presently a couple of pottery groups there, working away, giving classes and generally keeping the place operational.

We’d never been to the pottery before so decided it was high time we did. A pie dish, I figured, would be easy to find and so much lovelier if mined, made and fired locally. We very quickly realised they didn’t have a shop yet. In fact, the main building isn’t exactly finished inside, though the big pizza oven looked lovely and inviting.

A man explained that they are hoping to open in February next year with an open day in December this year. At least we know where it is now.

That left us with the choice of doing without a pie dish or going to Elficks and buying a mass produced one. Given I was making Country Winter Pie for dinner, we decided the latter was the better course of action.

An hour later we returned home carrying a big clock, a bath mat, a towel AND the pie dish. Typical.

Kate took a few photos to add to her website and I thought the view from the garden was worth snapping for ours.

From just outside my office

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  1. hat says:

    Wow!! Wow!!!! it looks lovely I cant remember what it used to look like, Lol
    yes I can understand why you do not want to do it again, don’t know how you did the first time, then you did not really know what you were letting your self in for, your life changed, now you will have to get back to normal with your Nicktor nights,
    and wont be long when you can leave the dogs on there own when you go to work, get your hair done ect–..
    love mum and dad xx

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