Emma does Thursley

Today we went up to Farnham and bought the new pictures for the extension. Back at home, we spent quite a while getting them straight and even but, eventually, they were up. We are very pleased with the result. You can also see the Italian bowls on the wall.

Our new pictures

It wasn’t all plain sailing though. I’d reserved them the other day so all we had to do was pay and pick them up. You’d think this would be easy. Unfortunately, the same time we decided to enter the shop, a couple who it seemed were furnishing their entire house, was being served by everyone in the shop. We were, basically, forgotten. We even left the shop and went wandering up to Laura Ashley for a bit but still remained unserved when we returned.

I was all for forgetting about it and buying them online, figuring the local shop wasn’t that keen on the business but Mirinda, in her usual style, went to the counter and asked if someone could serve us now.

They were suddenly all very apologetic, each thinking the other was dealing with us. We then had the ridiculous situation where all three of them started serving us. Insane. Anyway, we soon had them in Sidney and were home.

After lunch and a bit of a potter around the garden, planning the future, we took the dogs to Thursley. This is the only one of our favourite walks that Emma had yet to experience. It is also where Carmen discovered the joys of bog snorkling.

Emma is a pretty clumsy puppy so we decided to leave her on the lead while we walked over the bog, letting her free when we were safely on dry sand.

It was quite late in the day, and, as the sun set, Thursley looked lovely.

Thursley at dusk

And Emma had a great time. Running and sniffing and generally being crazy. It’s such a good way to wear her out.

Emma at full run with ears helping

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  1. hat says:

    How lovely they look in fact the new room looks amazing love the bowls as well.
    Emma’s ears are funny looks like she has a bow on her head.
    love mum and dad xx

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