Avoiding witches

Dave and Carl called around first thing this morning. Actually Carl turned up first and set to work immediately filling and oiling the picture rail. By the time he’d given it two coats, it matched the rest of the oak in the room.

Carl then moved on to the stable door in the laundry, which has started sticking. While he was happily doing whatever he was doing to fix it, the guy from the garage, who had walked down to pick up Sidney, took her away for her MOT.

I was a bit late getting her booked in for her MOT. To be completely honest, I forgot to do it and only called to make an appointment on Tuesday. At first it looked like I wouldn’t get her sorted because, Gary at the Garage couldn’t spare a driver to come and pick her up. When I explained who I was and how they’d been doing it for the last umpteen years, he said he could do it today because the driver could just walk by on his way to work.

This worked out quite well because it cleared the driveway for Builder Dave and his truck. He brought over a massive great fan, which is meant to dry out the step tops. He set it up and turned it on. It sounds like a jet but it did start working well as dry spots started to appear quite quickly.

The funniest thing was when Emma came running up the steps from the back of the garden. She was suddenly brought up short as she ran straight into this very strong wind. She stood, confused, her hair flying around as if she was in a rock ballad video. Eventually, her tail dropping, she dashed away, out of the wind stream. She did make me and Dave laugh though.

The big blue fan

Eventually Dave and Carl left me to it (the noise, mostly) as they went off to other jobs. The fan was not at all pleasant and it was with great relief that I finally turned it off as the sun went down. Then I covered the steps with plastic once more.

At some stage the car was returned and, finally, Mirinda arrived home from work. She only had a moment to rest her tired head before we were out once more, heading for the Maltings to our first Girls & Guitars in yonks.

Tonight it was the amazingly talented Louise Jordan. Though she’s visited the Maltings before, we’ve never seen her. We both thoroughly enjoyed her work. A lot of the Girls & Guitars artists tend to wallow in their angst but not so Louise. She has a lot of variety in her work and takes inspiration from many places.

Tonight, for instance, we were treated to a couple of poems by A.A. Milne set to music and beautifully sung, something by Bach with lyrics by Louise and a completely original work about a smuggler called Lovey Warne. The one thing she didn’t do very well was ‘anger’. She sang an angry song about a dentist but she is just too nice!

My favourite bit of her act was right at the beginning when she asked us if we were only there in order to avoid the trick or treaters and most of us said ‘YES’!

Too happy to be truly angry

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  1. hat says:

    She is funny wonder what she did when you turned the fan on the next day. well not long now and your place will I hope be finished.
    love mum and dad xx

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