Cardboard cut outs

A while ago, Mirinda spotted a painting in a home store in Farnham. She thought it would look perfect in the extension. She asked me to have a look and tell her what I thought.

I agreed. However, I did have one concern. The picture is quite long and I thought it might look too big in the space. So, today I went in and asked for the dimensions.

The staff were very pleasant and extremely helpful. The picture is one of a pair called Bird in plum tree.

The paintings (they come as a pair) are by Rodolofo Jimenez who was born in Florida to musically talented Cuban immigrants. He travelled the world on a fishing boat and, as he travelled so he painted. His inspiration came from the different places and styles he saw. Obviously, one of the things he saw was a group of birds in a plum tree.

While the subject matter is obviously perfect for the whole bringing the garden into the house thing, the colours are also perfect. The frames are burnished gold and the pictures have a deep golden background.

But, as I said, the size was of a slight concern. The lady in the shop very kindly printed me off a sheet with the details of the pictures on it and I walked back to the house, happy.

We have a lot of cardboard boxes in the Front Room (latterly called the Organisational Room or, as I prefer to call it, The Hub) and it didn’t take me long to knock up a couple of perfect imitations of the two pictures, ready for hanging from the new (yet strangely unfinished) picture rail. In order to make them hang properly, I used packaging tape to stick a couple of sample tiles to the back but otherwise, they were just sheets of cardboard to the correct dimensions.

While they had little (if any) artistic merit (though, personally I reckon they could win the Turner Prize) they did show that the pictures would be perfect. After sending Mirinda a photo, we decided to reserve the pair and to pick them up on the weekend.

They will look very little like this:

Shortly after this, I hung the plates that Bob & Claire bought us in Tuscany. I’ll take a photo that includes them all when we hang the pictures.

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  1. hat says:

    Cant wait to see the new pictures,hope yours stay on the wall still waiting for my to get fixed so I can hung it again dad has been to sick this last couple of days.
    Love mum and dad xxxx

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