Nose first

The last bed of the raised beds on the terrace, was looking a bit bare. A plant which I’d transplanted from the front years ago, wasn’t performing as well as it should. It seemed to be the perfect solution for both.

So, armed with shovel, chicken manure and Emma, I dug it up, made a hole and planted it in a better place – the plant, not Emma. Hopefully it will now grow a bit better. At least the bed looks a little better populated now.

Halfway through the day, Emma proved just how gross dogs can be. One of them (and I think it was Day-z) had deposited a rather sloppy poo on the terrace. In itself, this isn’t a big problem (much better than inside) because the tiles clean very easily. I had an ever ready poo bag in my pocket so I bent down and scooped up the majority of the mess.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a flash of caramel fur and with the accuracy of a poo seeking missile, Emma buried her nose in the now full bag.

She quickly retreated a few feet and started sneezing and trying to wipe her nose. Though in some sort of mild distress, it didn’t stop her tail from wagging vigorously.

I took a moment to put the poo bag somewhere safe and quickly scooped her up, keeping her at arms length, then deposited her in the laundry sink. It was at about this time that her tail stopped wagging. If there’s an opposite of wagging, this happened when I turned the tap on and aimed the warm water at her face. She didn’t like the shampoo either.

Meanwhile, Day-z, the usual bath recipient, stood watching and, I reckon, laughing.

The desperate race to remove all trace of the foul mess from her nose, face and paws was soon over and I then attacked her with a towel. Most dogs quite like the towel. The rubbing, the tousling, the general ‘play’. But not Emma. She just tries to bite me through the towel and attempt to escape. She didn’t.

A startled but decidedly sweeter smelling Emma emerged from the laundry and immediately attacked Day-z, presumably for laughing at her predicament.

Apart from plant and canine rescue, my day was a bit administrative. I had to renew Mirinda’s passport, book Sidney in for her MOT, organise some paperwork for our share holdings, yadda, yadda, yadda. All a bit mundane. Of course, my Skype session with mum and dad was anything but mundane as we discussed the economic impact of the G20 on Brisbane and the reason why kid free areas on cruise liners should be strictly observed.

The latter refers to Tracey and Bob’s latest foray into the world of cruising the world’s oceans. It wasn’t a great success with the food being slop, the pools being full of screaming kids (and possibly urine) and the aforementioned kid free areas packed with out of control children. Poor Tracey and Bob.

My final daylight job was to cover the top of the steps with the huge plastic sheet as rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Given the slope of the tiles which sends the water off the terrace rather than into the house, I was in a bit of a quandary about how to ‘seal’ the plastic on the top step. There was easy access under the plastic sheet and straight into the hollow section. I had suggested gaffer tape but really didn’t want to stick it all over the tiles.

Casting my eye around for a possible solution, I happened to glance at the bags of gravel. It struck me! Flood defences! Lacking big sacks of sand, I started lining up the bags of gravel to create a sort of levee. Hopefully it will work. We shall see when the rain stops.

If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break,
When The Levee Breaks I’ll have no place to stay.
Led Zeppelin

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2 Responses to Nose first

  1. hat says:

    Poor Emma she is always in trouble, Tracey and Bob still had a good time they said just wont go on that boat again. What a busy boy you are.
    love mum and dad xxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    That holiday cruise sounds like hell on a boat to me!

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