Chairs of the absurd

Things returned to normal today with me walking Mirinda up to the station (she had interviews to conduct today and needed to go in) then going shopping before returning home to two very excited dogs.

I didn’t have long to play with them. Because of the long waiting time for new furniture, we have been forced to use our old chairs for Christmas. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, it’s just that they don’t really match anything…except for themselves.

When we bought the new set (years ago) the blue ones were stored away with the old dining table. Everything was stored away in one of the sheds. Fortunately, it wasn’t the shed with the rotten roof.

Today, seeing as it was bright and sunny with no chance of rain, I dug it all out. The garden started to look like an Ionesco play with bits and pieces strewn along the path and under the gazebo.

I discovered all manner of things I hadn’t seen for years (and some I swear I’ve never seen before). It was all pretty much mundane though I did manage to work up a bit of sweat. Emma helped by getting under my feet as often as she could and by taking small things out of the shed and hiding them in the grass.

Eventually, I had the chairs and the table released from the clutches of cobweb and ivy and moved them onto the terrace for intensive cleaning. The legs for the table especially. They were in dire need of a few gallons of WD40 before I could even think about undoing the bolts.

By the end of the day (which comes early now that the clocks have gone back) everything was back to normal except the front room had a dining table in it and a row of blue chairs was sitting along the glass sliding doors. All very surreal.

In between carting furniture and other detritus from one place to another in a seemingly pointless exercise, I had to work out how to sell Mirinda’s shares. This has taken me since August and, rather than getting clearer, has become muddier, the further I dig into the murky waters of Share Trading. Eventually, though, I cracked it (with the help of a couple of very helpful people at the other end of an email address) and had a bit of a Eureka Moment. Hopefully I’ll be far better armed when the same thing happens next year.

All in all, a physical and successful day.

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2 Responses to Chairs of the absurd

  1. hat says:

    Blue chairs don’t remember seeing them still good thing you have got them to fall back on cant you stain them a colour that will match a bit better, not that it matters that much just as long as you have some chairs. a bit hard eating Christmas dinner standing up.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    We need to get some covers for them. Blue does not fit the colour scheme!

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