Emma does Hankley

This afternoon was Emma’s first trip to Hankley. And she loved it. As Mirinda said it was a synaptic overload of new things.

In the nature of the usual Sunday, the morning was spent at ease (shopping, Skyping, etc). In the nature of a Daylight Saving Sunday, it meant an extra hour’s sleep. And, I’m glad to report, the dogs took advantage of it as well. My sleep was gloriously uninterrupted. Things have turned a corner in the early morning calls to arms.

At the other end of the day it meant an earlier sunset so our walk around Hankley grew progressively darker as we walked around it. Not that that matters, as we discussed, Hankley always looks beautiful. Though Mirinda wondered if we’d have thought so when we first arrived in the UK. She recalls that it all looked a bit bleak when we first came over in 1998 for our holiday/business trip with Liz and Wendy. Though, of course, we didn’t visit Hankley so perhaps it was just Wiltshire.

By the time we returned to the car, Emma was suitably tired out (though not tired enough to stop her vomiting her lunch up all over Sidney’s back seat. I don’t think she’s going to be a good traveller – I remember the vomit on the trip back from the Isle of Sheppey only too well.

For this week’s roast, we had pork with green butter (I have to note which roasts we have so Mirinda can select the next week’s) and the two remaining Moroccan syllabubs, a new Chez Gaz dessert.

All round, a pretty perfect Sunday.

And, I almost forgot! Another big day for Emma in that she has finally conquered her fear of the stairs. She now, quite confidently, runs up and down them.

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2 Responses to Emma does Hankley

  1. hat says:

    You will have to carry a bowl of some sort then you wont have it all over the car. That’s great she has got the stairs like a kid she wont stop now.
    Love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    It was a lovely walk and Emma sticks with us all the way. She’s needed a lot of encouragement on the stairs but she’s got it at last.

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