Finding Lake Weewee

Sometimes, I find unpleasant surprises in the laundry. This morning it was a lake. At first I thought there was just a little puddle of piddle in front of the cage. Further investigation revealed a far bigger expanse of liquid pooling under the cage and extending to the wall. This was clearly the work of more than one dog.

I spent quite a while cleaning this up. It was little wonder that the dogs didn’t need to go to the toilet first thing. While it wasn’t a pleasant job, it was preferable to the poo spiral of the other week.

Nasty surprises aside, Tiler Mark turned up this morning to fix the glass splashback in the kitchen. It didn’t take very long though it will need grouting sometime next week. It’s going to make a big difference given the amount of spray on the wall behind the hob.

Gold leaf and glass

I left him to it (with Mirinda for company) while I went shopping. He’d left by the time I returned and, after admiring the gold tiles, we settled down for an early lunch, prior to a trip up to the Maltings.

A while ago we went to see a Trinity Laban classical guitarist at the Maltings and there was another one today. Christian Wood, to be precise. He has a website here.

He took us on a tour of South America. Due to some sort of administrative error, there was no programme so, sadly, I can’t say what he played. However, I found this on his website regarding today’s concert: “…various works by Antonio Lauro, Sergio Assad, Barrios-Mangoré, Piazzolla and more.” I must say, he was very good and the music was beautiful.

The concert was in the East Wing Dance Studio, somewhere I’ve never been at the Maltings. Fortunately, Mirinda was there for her Mindfullness workshop so we didn’t have to depend on the unhelpful directions supplied by the front desk.

Out the back of the Maltings

Rather than drive straight home afterwards, we decided to go to Leatherhead to sit on some chairs. Mirinda found a lovely furniture shop that sells the sort of stuff you can model to your space. You can choose the type of wood, the colour of the upholstery, the finish, etc. But before we decide to buy furniture, we have to sit on it first. There’s no point in buying something that looks good but is unkind to your bum.

We found some perfect dining chairs and a very nice (though ludicrously expensive) lounge. We’re going to think about them. They take about ten weeks anyway, so they’d not be ready this side of Christmas. We’ll wait.

Opposite the furniture shop was this lovely building.

The Approach – 1905

It is an Edwardian gabled, red brick shopping parade on North Street. It is now occupied by Hamsey’s Bed Centre with rather gaudy signage. That’s really all we saw of Leatherhead. Though it did mean a lovely drive home through the countryside where we first lived in Surrey. It was like a trip down memory lane. Actually, it WAS a trip down memory lane.

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  1. hat says:

    God its so hot I cant think keep making mistakes so have to do it again. Yes it would have been lovely riding around Surrey.
    Love mum and dad xx

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