Gas and stardust

Alvin Stardust died today. He was 72. In a few weeks, his first album for 30 years is due to be released. That’s rather sad.

But onto brighter things…ages ago I had a moan about the decorators leaving their rubbish when Tatt-man had specifically stated that decorators are the tidiest of the trades. I have no idea where he got that from. It was patently not true at our house. In fact, I now know which trade really is the tidiest of them all. It’s the gas fire fitter.

Yep, Stealthy Dave finally installed the fire today. He had a few problems (it took eight hours rather than the three he claimed and he had to drill an oval shaped hole because of the bend in the flue) but I have to say that he is the tidiest tradesman I have ever come across.

As he worked away (with the ever reliable and friendly Dan…who I accidentally called Don when they were leaving), more and more bits and pieces littered the floor. He took up most of the extension, drop cloths protecting everything. It looked a right mess when they stopped for lunch and I went inside for the first time in hours.

Actually I spent most of the day in the office, determined to complete the tax stuff for the accountants. (Which I did. Yay!) I had to keep the dogs out of the way and figured the office was the best option. We took breaks, wandering around the garden as Stealthy Dave and Dan slaved away.

At one stage, the usually mild mannered and pleasantly disposed Dave let out a string of expletives (this was because of the unexpected oval hole he needed to drill) which had me concerned it was going to grind to a halt again.

But I was worried needlessly. At about 5:30, he came out to the office, beaming with joy, to tell me it was finished.

Two things struck me when I walked into the extension. Firstly the fire, which is totally beautiful and looks amazing. And secondly, the fact that the place was spotless. Not a sign of any rubbish, dust or bits of old copper. I was stunned.

After I gushed over the fire and thanked them effusively, I couldn’t help but comment on how tidy everything looked. Stealthy Dave almost blushed with delight. I told him he was the tidiest tradesman and could come back any time. He shook his head and said “No offence, but after the problems we’ve had with this fire, I’m hoping I’ll never come back!”

When Mirinda arrived home, the fire absolutely delighted her too.

The stealth is in the house!

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2 Responses to Gas and stardust

  1. hat says:

    That is the greatest thing I have seen it suits the extension let us know how warm it is. Love mum and dad xxx

  2. Karen King says:

    Looks amazing!

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