Hanging pictures

Today saw the picture rail go up in the extension.

I had a phone call from Builder Dave as I was midway through collating rent and charity payments, costs and losses (for our tax return). He wanted to know whether I’d be around at lunchtime so he could apply the primer to the steps and so that Carl could put up the picture rail. Naturally I told him I’d be here.

Carl managed to put up the picture rail in about half an hour (though Dave didn’t bring any of the oak oil and Carl didn’t bring any oak filler for the holes). Dave, on the other hand was very quickly finished because the step tops are still too damp for the primer. Maybe by the end of the week. At least he took away a load of builder’s rubbish from the front room. I say ‘rubbish’ but a lot of it was actually usable, so better than throwing it away.

So, Dave and Carl were gone after about an hour and I returned to more taxing tasks.

I had a slight break in the afternoon when the DHL lady returned to pick up a parcel I had to send back to Germany. It was the same woman as last time, the one who wanted to kidnap Emma. She couldn’t stop cooing over her. Today she told me about her boxer puppy and how he only obeyed her husband. She finds this irritating. I told her that the boxer clearly sees her husband as god (like ours think of me). She claimed that the boxer should take notice of her because she’s god’s god. I couldn’t argue with that.

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  1. hat says:

    I think that’s the funniest thing I have heard for a long time, dad a sleep me sitting here laughing very softly very hard to do. hahahah
    love mum and dad xx
    or GOD AND GOD

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