Painting and presentation

Up at 8am. Left Mirinda working on her presentation while I went shopping.

I picked up her dry cleaning and bought some more paint. Passed the amazing Kingsland Road petrol station which has bowsers held together with packaging tape. Very crowded and filthy.

Mirinda left at 11am and I started work. Painting, painting, painting. Finished at about 6:30. Finished the bedroom, hallway and bathroom second coats. Still need to do the trims but it’s looking heaps better. Have to hang the curtain poles in the lounge and kitchen but, basically I’ve finished for this weekend.

We’ve decided that we’ll probably do this again next weekend.

Chelsea thrashed Man City 5-0! Listened on the radio while I was working, which was great.

Mirinda returned about 7. The Open Day (for this is what it was that she was at) went very well. So well, in fact, that she was asked questions for two hours. My mind flashed back to the many high schools we performed at with nomad and the response to the Director’s “Any questions?” which was nearly always “How do you learn all those lines?” or “Are you on the telly?” Then silence.

Anyway, suffice it to say that the two hours exhausted her. After a shower and a change of clothes, we went up to Islington. First to Borders where we bought some books and magazines, then for a stroll.

Very crowded and, because it was after 9pm, quite drunk. We veered off the main strip and went down Essex Road to Giraffe where we had a lovely dinner. Prices reasonable and the menu was quite inventive. Will definitely go there again. I had a shredded duck on nasi goreng combo while Mirinda tried the Mexican chicken burger. Finished up with sticky toffee pudding with banana. All very yumbo.

We walked back to the flat. A bit chilly but good to walk dinner off. Back at the flat, we crashed straight away, both being pretty exhausted.

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