Up early, wide awake for a change.

Day started a bit murky, sun coming up a big bronze disk behind the morning mist. Sky cloudless.

On the train, I felt a bit zonked.

The [Iraq] war is going well. We have found two suspected chemical factories. Interesting how, in the two world wars our side was called the allies but now it’s the coalition.

The Daily Mirror, carrying on with it’s staunch non-support of the war, this morning published two photos on its front page. One, a child with burns, purporting to be an Iraqi civilian, a victim of the Baghdad bombing and the other, a picture of a captured US marine, face covered in blood. The headline read “Still Anti-War? Bloody right we are!”

How can they condone inhuman treatment of our forces? How can they equate the care and attention given to a child in a specialist burns unit of an Iraqi hospital with the mistreatment of a soldier, captured in action and paraded maliciously on enemy television? It’s an odd sort of morality. Especially when you put this incident within the bigger picture of our side allowing Iraqi POWs to return home after capture.

I have no problem with an anti-war stance, given we live in a supposed free country but I can’t condone this sort of gutter journalism.

It was a funny old day at work. I supposed to test a YooMedia site first thing this morning. I got all my stuff together, went down to Project Room 5, spent half an hour fixing one of the televisions which was being a bit wonky and then sat down to test only to find (unsurprisingly) that they now have a PIN entry screen. That makes it a bit hard when I haven’t been told the PIN access code!

So, instead, I spent the day testing the new QVC site. Which is still a mess.

Farelli emailed to say she’s now going to Oz for six weeks. From Monday.

Nicole did her best FB impression today, wandering around with a notebook, surfing the web, etc. How DOES she do it?

I spent a lovely lunchtime by the canal reading The Correction.

There were two girls on the train platform in the afternoon with identical striped tights on – they were not together.

The dogs went crazy when I arrived home.

I made pasta for tea and watched a few episodes of Sex in the City. Then chatted with mum and dad for a while.

Tracey went to Tamworth for her friend Jo’s 40th surprise birthday party. Denise and Peter went to Rockhampton for their 20th anniversary. Mum had a surprise visit from Diane R who she used to work with at Neotype. She came with two friends who didn’t speak any English (they’re all Dutch).

Was in bed by 10:30. Mirinda rang at 11:30 – she’d gone to the pictures with Sophie.

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