Taking shape

We were sitting down, having lunch and watching an episode of Perception when suddenly a little voice called out through the bee window. This was a bit worrying as the bee window opens up onto the narrow strip between us and the Crazies occasionally called Tim Alley. It is called Tim Alley because Tim, the electrical engineer, sometimes uses it rather than go to all the trouble of knocking on the door.

I paused the TV and went to investigate. There was no-one down Tim Alley. There was a single, solitary plastic bucket but I’m reasonably sure it hadn’t spoken. I went round the front. It was Clive.

Clive had come to finish off the outside of the bee window and had just said hello. I guess we should have kept it closed. Anyway, he fussed over the dogs then got to work, finishing in about an hour before vanishing as silently as he’d arrived…except for saying anything.

Mirinda worked from home today, sitting at the dining table, tapping away on her laptop. Clearly her study is going to just gather dust. The extension is such a lovely space. And, hopefully, I shall soon get some music working so we don’t have to suffer the oppressive silence. Normally we’ll have the radio on but the antennae was playing up

Meanwhile, I trudged up and down the stairs, moving books back into the front room and clearing space in Mirinda’s (mythical) office for her study books and articles. Things are starting to get back to normal.

I also planted up some more of the shrubs and grasses that Mirinda bought last week. Before planting them, I popped in a whole load of tulip and allium bulbs which should give a lot of colour come spring. Once I’d finished, I was going to clean off the terrace with the hose but discovered, to my annoyance, that the builders have misplaced the connector from the stand pipe to the hose reel. This meant I had to use buckets instead.

Still, it all looked lovely once I’d finished and I don’t mind the lack of hose connector given I’ve, basically, stolen their lovely big broom.

Lots of lovely evergreens for winter interest

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2 Responses to Taking shape

  1. hat says:

    Garden begining to look lovely again,
    could not write on your blog yesterday but ok today but think that was me.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Make sure they don’t steel that broom back!

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