More Mr Granite

Due to a silly design, a piece of our brand new worktop came loose. Not enough to fall off but enough to look pretty bad.

It was the thin section that sits in front of the hob.  Fortunately, it’s never going to take any weight but the fact that the plumbers needed to install the hob, Lee had to fit the lights and Tim had to get the clicker working have all contributed to the joins breaking.  I left it until all work had finished before telling them to fix it.

I rang earlier in the week and Mr Granite and his side kick, Quartz Boy, turned up at 10:30 to fix it. 

He was a bit dismayed when he realised he couldn’t lift the hob.  I dread to think what would have happened if he’d manage to reef it out.  He didn’t even bother trying.  However, although it took them a good three hours, they managed to fix it.  The joins are back together and it all looks perfect again.

Speaking of perfect…I gave the manifold door a bit of a sand (to remove the soot and ash from yesterday) and applied another coat of Spring Sage.  By the end of the day, it was dry enough to be put back in the laundry.  It looks a lot better now it’s painted.  Now, I just have to write ‘MANIFOLD’ on it in black and ancient script.

And also very good is the fact that a chap turned up this evening and took away all the laminate courtesy of Freecycle.  Just losing that massive leftover piece from the laundry created enough space to stack a small family in.

I spent most of the day (when not minding Emma because the front door was open) shifting things from the Old Rose room into the Front Room.  It’s a big job, meaning lots of individual walks up and down the stairs.

But enough of my day.  Far more exciting was Mirinda’s.

Three years ago, she was worried about getting students to enrol, and today, that first intake, graduated.  She gave a speech (as did a few others) and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  And so she should.  She has worked very hard to get to this point (and continues to, of course) and rightly deserves all the praise she gets.

It was a great day all round.

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  1. hat says:

    What funny names the workman have but interesting. Congrats Mirinda a job well done. Pity you don’t have a shed for all the left over bits in case you may need them later on.
    love mum and dad


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