I ventured out onto the extension roof today, for the first time. I was there to check the aerial. I’d already roamed around in the loft, looking for the connection for the old aerial which works perfectly. I didn’t have any luck, though.

The problem with the new aerial is obvious. Every other house in the street has the aerial pointing towards the east (this goes for our old one, as well) whereas the new one points north. Another problem is the height, or lack of it. In order to point it in the right direction, I had to reduce the height even more. This is because of the design of the aerial and the fact that it’s attached under the eaves.

Anyway, popping out onto the roof couldn’t be easier. The step through the window is a bit of a stretch but the roof height is greater than the room so, given the length of my legs, it’s simple…and requires no ladder.

I had to detach the aerial and reposition it, lower on the bracket, so it pointed in the same direction as the others. Returning to the TV and retuning, I suddenly had the BBC. Success! Or so I thought. The signal sometimes drops out so I can only assume that, when the weather is not as pleasant as it was today, the reception will be useless. This is due to the height.

I had a response from Dave the Builder regarding my unhappiness over the aerial and he suggested a guy he uses. I might have to give him a call.

While I was busy fiddling about with the aerial, Mirinda was busy on the terrace, working out the best places for all the plants she bought yesterday. It’s not an easy task. It requires reference books, a card index, hours of study and a cheese knife. Fortunately, it’s something she loves doing, otherwise it would be quite a drudge. Plus she had Emma for company and general top soil relocation services.

I should explain that last bit. Because the top soil contains agricultural manure as well as soil, Emma finds it irresistible and has taken to collecting big clumps of it in her mouth and running around the terrace, depositing bits all over the place. It’s very funny to watch. She starts off just sniffing around, like a normal dog, then, finding the perfect piece she suddenly springs into action. She takes off, running around like a lunatic and looking very pleased with herself as bits of earth trail along behind her.

After lunch, we drove over to Guildford to look at possible contenders for new furniture (recliners and a new lounge). I was rather taken with a couple of them. We’re thinking of soft leather, as it makes them easy to clean. Throws will brighten them up a bit and provide seating for the girls.

When we returned, having left the dogs alone for almost two hours, we found them sitting on the stairs waiting for us. Day-z was on the bottom step while Emma had made it to the fourth step. They were both sitting, staring at the front door. This would have been no problem for Day-z but, had Emma wanted to go somewhere else, she’d have been stuck. She has not yet conquered the coming down aspect of stairway travel.

Mirinda gave Day-z a bit of Emma relief by taking her for a lovely tramp at Frensham Little Pond while I prepared dinner and was entertained by Emma. On her return, Mirinda reported that there is now a new hide and a cafe down near the pond. I reckon it’ll be another fortnight before we can take Emma on a long tramp. I’m looking forward to seeing the new additions.

Dinner was a delicious Joey Layer Cake followed by the remaining plum puffs, concluding a lovely easy Sunday.

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2 Responses to Reception

  1. Mirinda says:

    It was indeed a lovely Sunday

  2. hat says:

    Did you only have cake for dinner,
    love mum and dad xx

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