Today Rich (or Bridge, as Mirinda calls him) turned up to tick off jobs from the Snagging List. He also said hi to mum and dad while I was Skyping.

For those that don’t know, the Snagging List is a list of final jobs to be completed before the finished job can be signed off…as finished. Though, as I explained to Rich, with the Stealth to still go in and Tim still having to finish a few jobs, there might be more touching up before the job is finally complete.

Fortunately, he didn’t arrive until about 10:30 because I had to take Day-z to the vet for her booster shots first thing. The vet was very pleased with her general health and was amazed at the muscles in her back legs.

Day-z has never had arthritic problems (typical for poodles) and can still leap as effortlessly and high as when she was a good deal younger. I also think having to chase Emma around the garden is keeping her extremely fit.

Emma had her monthly check up yesterday and was also given a full bill of health.

Back at the house, I started Skyping with mum and dad when Rich arrived. I was in the extension, on the tablet so they caught a glimpse of him, dabbing Spring Sage on the wall behind me. Shouts of “G’day, Rich!” came, gleefully from half way around the world.

Rich was only here for half a day, dabbing, painting and staining, so I spent the afternoon putting Mirinda’s study back to some sort of useful state.

It was while I was moving furniture around that I realised I hadn’t heard or seen Emma for a while. I looked around and found her like this:

Who IS that cute puppy?

If you look closely, her tail is wagging. It must be nice for her to find another cute puppy in the house.

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  1. hat says:

    Didn’t get to hear Molly till the next night but we loved her what a voice, and can always hear her again. Emma looks so cute looking at her self but thinking its another dog.
    love mum and dad xx


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