I hope I’m never abducted by aliens. Mirinda, Nicole, mum and dad – none of them believe I saw the giant hare! This is regardless of the fact that there’s a letter in the latest Fortean Times from two brothers who saw a bunny the size of a large dog in Camberley not so long ago. I reckon it was the same creature, just passing through, as they do. I’m taking my camera with me tomorrow, just in case.

Nicole left for Knowsley at lunchtime. I sat by the canal and read. Today was the hottest day since last August.

I finished John Irving’s The Fourth Hand. Another excellent read. His style is so simple and yet so touching and warm. I could read him forever. I should re-read Garp and Hotel New Hampshire. Speaking of which, I should also re-read God Knows. Mind you, they’ll have to wait until I’v read Robert Llewelyn’s new book which I’ll start tomorrow.

Was quite busy at work – only played GTA twice.

USA are through to the knock out round as are Brazil (beat Mexico and Belgium respectively) in the World Cup.

Pollen count was VERY high today. Mirinda had an awful night but spent the day with all windows and doors firmly closed. As we laid in bed we heard an owl hoot across the fields…or was it a giant hare?

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