Helping rabbits

I didn’t see many people today during my walk into Alton station. Just a couple of golfers in the distance. A lot of the greens on the golf course had sprinklers on this morning. It was such a glorious day; no clouds, sun and a bit cooler than yesterday.

The rape has suddenly burst into life with lots of little flowers. This is complimented by the daisy-like blooms growing on the fennel-ish plants that grow along the field edges. And tiny little pink flowers. (I pressed some in Riding with Ghosts – let’s see if it works.)

The two tiny bodies I saw yesterday had gone, presumably taken by foxes for a welcome takeaway dinner.

The diagonal path across the what has been trod down since yesterday. I wish the farmer would do it properly as it would cut a big corner off my trip. In fact, it’s still impassable, really – no real path yet…but who knows, tomorrow it may appear.

Did my bit for wild animal welfare at the station. While I was cleaning the wet grass off my boots, a little blind (and scrawny) rabbit hopped up onto the platform. Not the safest place for a little bunny, I thought, and promptly picked it up and put it through the fence, onto the grass verge. I hope it found its burrow and not a fox.

Read this morning that, during World War II, the Americans spoke in Navajo because it was the only language that the Japanese could not crack (Riding with Ghosts).

Nicole not in today. Chris asked me to have a go at a Javascript problem which was fun…and took all day…and wasn’t the solution he needed…if there is one…which is negligible.

Beat Stevie at pool – back to my usual blistering form. Also he lost two easy games by going in off the black. The place was pretty full of kids by the time we left. They have invested in all new cues at the pool hall, which is lovely. The old ones were pretty dire.

Mirinda had organised a meeting to see the accountant, appropriately named Mr Fox, on Monday.

Bloody South West Trains! And more important, bloody Woking Station! One minute before departure time thy changed the platform. When we lived at Farnham it was annoying but at least I stood near the stairs. Now I’m all the way up the end of the platform and have a hell of a hike.

At lunchtime, I bought a camping stove and saucepan, for my porridge. I think I should get a little kettle too. Actually, that’s probably not really necessary as there will probably be a kettle.

A lovely walk home. So many wild flowers, lots of birds. Cloudless skies. Truly wonderful. Only saw one other person: An old chap with his King Charles spaniel.

Arrived home to a huge welcome from the puppies. Mirinda was sitting in the chook pen with them.

A little later, we had a visit from Paul Trevithick, head honcho of the Worldhams Neighbourhood Watch. We had a lovely long chat about the area and preventing crime by awareness (rather than pillory and rotten vegetables). He left gone 9pm so it was a late bath for me.

I chatted to mum and dad tonight but Yahoo was doing weird things so we cut it short. In the news…Denise is having problems with her house and Tracey had to give her first first aid at a footy game last weekend.

Mirinda found out today that she has to represent one of the students she’s personal tutor for, in a cheating appeal. Very odd because she’ll be representing the student rather than the company. Of course, she can’t lie but we’re both very hard pressed to find a reason to make it okay.

All of my herbs (except the poor lovage from Folly Hill) are growing very well. It’s at the point where some things need thinning out and, possibly, planting out as well. I feel quit proud of myself, given my gardening skills are somewhere below none.

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