Fear of gridlines

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Day-z is frightened of the terrace tiles. From the start, she’s gone out of her way to skirt the edges, walking only on the concrete base. This has suddenly become impossible with Mark the Tiler’s efforts today.

First thing, Mark turned up (as the rain started drizzling down in a particularly annoying English way) and started laying the curved tiles. He also spent a lot of time cutting the tiles to go in the various small spaces left over at the ends of the terrace. He was forced to stop a few times (when the rain fell a bit harder) but, basically, by the end of the day, he’d laid a lot more and made cutoffs for the morning foray. He reckons it will all be grouted by end of play tomorrow…weather permitting.

While Mark slaved away, Karl and Callum were equally busy in the house, fitting the new doorhandles on all the doors. Mirinda changed her mind about having the black, iron knobs, preferring a more arte deco look with antique bronze.

Dave the Builder also dropped in for a site meeting and we discussed the various jobs yet to be completed. It’s all very fiddly now, as we close in on the finish line. Given that the plumbers won’t be here till Wednesday, we decided it may be wise to put off the decorators for another week. We couldn’t see how they’d sand, stain and coat the stairs and parquetry floor with people walking up and down them. So, he’s going to push them back a week for the last bits.

But back to Day-z. At one point this morning, she went to all the trouble of walking on the line of brickwork that runs by the wall between us and Dave and Gail’s place. Of course, she then came a-cropper when she tried to walk over to the back door. I had to pick her up as she was getting a bit frantic.

And so, following Mark’s cutting off her access to the back garden, I started carrying her across the tiles. Emma, of course, simply walked beside us. I’m surprised that Day-z wasn’t shamed by such a little puppy not being scared but I guess that isn’t an issue in the dog world. And then, sometime in the afternoon, I worked it out.

Years ago, we took the poodles for a romp over the Devil’s Punchbowl. There’s quite a few cattle grids scattered along the paths. At one of them, Carmen and Day-z, going at top poodle speed, ran across it. Carmen had no problem and reached the opposite side unscathed. Day-z, however, caught a front paw in one of the gaps and went rolling and screaming over and over.

She screamed like she’d broken her leg. I picked her up and checked her out. She was fine, physically and eventually calmed down in my arms. Mentally, though, she seems to have been permanently damaged. Whenever we come across a cattle grid or a drain, she will avoid it by walking as far away as possible.

And this is why I think she won’t walk across the terrace tiles…because the grouting has yet to be done. After all, she’s fine in the extension where the tiles are exactly the same but are grouted. I think she sees the thin black lines between the tiles as massive traps, just waiting to grab her front paws. We shall see.

If it’s not the problem then she’ll just have to get over whatever her problem is, otherwise, she’ll never be able to go outside, ever again.

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2 Responses to Fear of gridlines

  1. hat says:

    Poor Day-z dogs do have long memory,s lets hope she gets over it as soon as they are finished as she loves the garden.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    That’s one weird dog


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