Farelli graduates

And the sun was out again; no clouds and gloriously cool. There was a 20% chance of a wet Wimbledon today.

Lots of beefed up security at both the tennis and all over the US for this first Independence Day since 9/11.

The puppies have managed to completely strip the shrub that Mirinda placed over their meticulously constructed hole by the picket fence. Clearly I should have employed them to help with the hedge on the weekend.

I caught the bus to the station this morning as I was wearing runners – going to Farelli’s graduation in boots is not the most desirable option. Of course, it was late but still managed to get to the station with a minute to spare. A double decker, it was. For all six of us.

I read in King’s World that the common paths were cleared by order of the Parish Council and has nothing to do with me. Well, not directly as I am a walker, after all. The practice of reducing paths is called ‘over-cropping’, which is odd when cropping means ‘to remove’ stuff. Except, it is cropping the stuff growing over the path, I suppose.

The wheat is starting to yellow and the rape pods are drying out. I love watching it change day to day. Mind you, I missed it today. It’s the gods’ little irony that the last two days I’ve walked in rain and today is fine while tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again.

My trowel arrived yesterday. When I ordered it (on-line) the site said I would receive an email letting me know the delivery cost and time. Then it just turned up with an invoice. Delivery was £1. It’s typically English to have a procedure which is completely ignored. Probably (like Global) whoever designed the site, had a good idea but forgot to tell anyone about it.

Talking of websites, the one for the London Business School is very well presented and easy to use. I logged on to see if there was a map to the dining hall as that’s where we’re meeting Farelli. But, alas, a map there was none. Plenty of info about the day but no directions. I figured the site was designed for students so this information is possibly seen as unimportant. Except, Farelli didn’t know where it was either…so much for meeting in the dining hall. Still, it was very easy to find that there was no map or directions.

Farelli met us at the front door. That made it very easy.

Arrived at Baker Street tube early enough for a short stroll through Regent’s Park. The flowers were glorious. Very bright and lots of them. We stopped for a coffee in the Rose Tea Room. I insisted that I’d never been to Regent’s Park but then Mirinda reminded me that we met Karen there on her first visit. Good job I keep a journal.

We (with Farelli) went to the Windsor Castle pub (the students local – the sign outside said it “Welcomes students of the London Business School” to which, Mirinda wondered if anyone else was welcome or if the other pubs did not welcome students of the London Business School).

After a pint (or two), we adjourned to the official marquee, where we moved thrice because of people with children who, apparently, are more important than us because the MUST have aisle seats but don’t have to turn up early like other people. Never mind my wooden leg. Eventually, though we sat, happily ensconced next to the emergency exit (I vowed not to save any kids) and a cool breeze (and traffic noise).

Mirinda marked scripts and I read until the speeches started.

The dean claimed that the ‘old boys network’ was alive and healthy at the London Business School. Not particularly modern but at least they don’t all wear the same tie. Interestingly, the faculty wear different gowns and hats. Some of the hats appear to have fallen from Tudor times, making the faculty look not unlike an Elizabethan music troupe.

It would appear that the people who read out the graduate’s names have advanced linguistic degrees. So many different names in so many different languages. Farelli was a breeze as opposed to Eugenie Ciemnyjewski.

After the official stuff, we went to the Indian restaurant next door for a curry and beer.

Managed to get a train to Alton straight away, so said bye to Farelli and were on our way home in six minutes. Was falling asleep on the train, I was so tired.

Got home and played with the puppies for a bit then to bed by 10:30.

I was almost asleep when suddenly a puppy started squealing. Day-z had twisted herself in the threads of the yellow throw. Mirinda was trying to extricate her. I went and got the scissors to cut her free. Poor thing.

I’m surprised that Mike that didn’t come in and complain about the noise she was making.

There was a shooting at Los Angeles airport (Elal Airline check-in) today, killing three. The authorities, at the moment, are saying it was a terrorist attack against Israel.

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