Night in a tent

Interesting night in my new tent. Temperature not a problem. I was very comfortable. Not too hot (as I’d assumed) but not the least bit cold.

The wind blew a little, rattling the tent, and I heard a few birds (owls?) but I managed to fall asleep very quickly then woken by the dawn chorus very early. Around 5am I think. I felt fine and drifted back off to sleep.

Woke properly at 7am and peeked outside. The outer skin of the tent surprised me, as it was wet – the dew I always walk through to the station in the mornings.

Had my coffee then tried to read but not very comfortable. Maybe I should take a folding chair. Eventually I gave up and went inside to have a proper cup of coffee and a play with the puppies.

My only worry now is how hard the ground might be. It’s all very well lying on our spongy, soft front garden but I’m hoping that the Fishbourne camp isn’t in a car park.

[The Smokey Mountains] are home to 130 native species of tree; the whole of Europe has just 85. A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

The business with Mike and Shelly last night, was making me madder and madder. I mentioned it to Mirinda and she said her heart sank because she loves the cottage. I said we needed a few acres with a house in the middle – no real neighbours = no-one to annoy with our happiness and joy.

At the moment we will wait and see. Knowing me, I’ll be over it in a couple of days.

We popped over to Folly Hill – all okay except it desperately needs a mow. That looks like next weekend is taken care of, then. A bit of a pity because the Waterloo re-enactment is on Saturday and Sunday.

Why do people complain about things they do voluntarily? Shelly was doing her ‘edging’ along their footpath but, when talking to Katie, was complaining about ‘having’ to do it. Really? If it’s such a pain, don’t do it, you idiot. I hate hitting myself with a hammer so I avoid it at all costs.

Anyway, for a bit of therapy this morning, I attacked the front hedge. What a rotten job! Though I’m not complaining because it really did ‘have’ to be done. I managed to dig up four of them and trim another before giving up. Obviously a job for a professional.

Mirinda got up and we went to the Farmer’s Market to look at garden furniture. Bought a two-seater with umbrella and table attached. Also bought 24 geraniums for the new blue glazed pots. I bought a peppermint and red lavender.

The afternoon was spent in the garden, planting them all. The geraniums look so colourful, particularly when you consider that the garden is dominated by blues and purples.

Afterwards, it was perfectly peaceful sitting in the front garden with a beer and the puppies. That was until Mike started trimming their hedge with his electric hedge trimmer. Does he consider my peaceful needs of a Sunday afternoon? I think our TV is a little more pleasant than his noisy garden tools.

We had to get milk so ended up taking a lovely drive through Alresford and beyond, towards Basingstoke. Saw some lovely villages and churches. We must return with a camera some Saturday.

Also spotted part of the Wayfarer’s Way. Maybe this is the new walk from Farnham to Winchester.

Had Brazilian fish and was very careful to be ever so quiet as I cleaned up afterwards.

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