Complaining neighbours

Slept in till 10am! Oh, glorious sleep. Quite strange waking up feeling refreshed.

Mirinda was marking today and I hit the garden. Mowed front and back, then dug a new bed under the lounge room window. Planted all the stuff we received from mail order – plugs and bulbs.

Erected my tent for practice. Actually, very easy. Planned to sleep in it to test. The bed roll looked frighteningly thin.

We went to Forest Lodge garden centre, primarily for some compost for the bed, and bought some pots, herbs, stepping stones, small garden table, bird seed…but no compost. Had a tea/coffee at the cafe there. Lovely and serene sitting amid all the flowers, birdsong, etc. And not too many people there, which made it all that much more pleasant. Which was also a bit odd because it was such a lovely day.

Had a rush trip into Alton this morning for Feminax…life or death. Mine, of course. Also bought three little silhouette pictures from the framing shop. We spotted them in Alton one Sunday, ages ago, and finally took the plunge.

Mike and Shelly returned from Dorset today, looking thoroughly exhausted rather than rested. They were in for about ten minutes and then disappeared again for hours.

We went to Four Marks and had takeaway Chinese then sat down to watch Seachange. Just as the episode finished and, as usual, we joyously sang the theme song, there came a knock at the door.

It was Mike, complaining about the volume of the TV. Apparently he and Shelly switched their TV off at 10pm in order to get some sleep because they’d had a long, hard day but our TV was too loud.

Now, I admit that Mirinda does tend to sometimes have the TV a bit louder than I need but I wouldn’t say it was unreasonable. Also, if they’re very tired, why can’t they sleep? And what’s wrong with sleeping all day tomorrow if it’s that bad? I bet he’s up at 8am tomorrow morning, mowing and waking me up.

It’s also a shock that they can hear our TV up in their bedroom. We never hear anything from them. Except for the jet propelled water heater that goes on and off all the time. Not that I’m complaining.

Anyway…the herbs I bought today were comfrey (put in herb bed never shed), lemon grass, marjoram and St John’s wort (all in new pots).

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