Illustrious career

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious was retired today. There was great fanfare in Portsmouth as she ended her 32 year career.

She has only carried helicopters since budget cuts in 2010 saw her Harriers removed. She was built by Swan Hunter shipbuilders on the Tyne and may return up north to Hull, if the Hull City Council is successful in its bid to buy her from the Navy. The idea will be to have her open to the public as a maritime museum, similar to the HMS Belfast on the Thames. If their bid is successful, I may just have to take a trip up there.

Not so illustrious was work on the house today. Apart from Robbie turning up to get rid of some of the rubbish in the front garden, I didn’t see anyone. I was expecting the plumbers, at the very least. Dave had guaranteed us a complete bathroom by the weekend. He maintained this guarantee when I called him mid-morning. We shall see. Personally, I’m sceptical.

Having no workers at the house did give me a chance to start work on clearing and cleaning Mirinda’s study (the Green Room). She had said she’d like to have it usable by the time she gets back tomorrow night. And so I set to it.

By the end of the day, I’d managed to clear and clean two thirds of it. The final third still contains Nicktor’s single bed base, the bathroom door, the fireplace from the old dining room and a few bits and pieces. Still, the big chest of drawers is once more in our bedroom and the white and raspberry set of drawers is back in the Old Rose Room. This makes dressing and clothing accessibility so much easier. And cleaner.

Nice and cosy

One funny puppy story from today.

In order to peel up the masking tape, protecting the floor from when the decorators painted the skirting boards, I have found it easiest to sit, cross-legged on the floor and slide myself along on my bottom. This worked very well in the other two rooms and provided Emma with somewhere to sit while I did it. Day-z, on the other hand, kept sitting just ahead of me, where I’d have to disturb her. For a smart dog, she can be pretty stupid, sometimes.

So, there I am, sat on the floor with Emma curled up on my left leg when Day-z suddenly decides she is going to have some of that comfortable lap for herself. She managed to curl up on my right leg, her butt squashing Emma (who wasn’t at all bothered). It’s a testament to the lovely smooth floors that I could still manage to glide around with both of them on me.

I worked my way around the perimeter of the room while they just slept. It’s a pity there wasn’t someone there to snap a photo of them.

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  1. hat says:

    Yes I wish there was a photo would have been funny. I think you had better get on to your work man they are trying to get away with out finishing by the sounds of it.
    love mum and dad xx

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