Clive again

Mark almost finished the tiling in the bathroom today (he just needs to grout the side of the bath cabinet) and it looks fantastic. He stood back with me and just admired the beauty of it. He reckoned it was like being at the seaside.

After lunch we’d spent quite a bit of time deciding on what colour grout to use on the floor tiles. He said he’d asked the plumbers what they thought but they had no idea. Typical, he said. Anyway, we went for a light grey (never use white, Mark said, it winds up looking awful) which, we assumed, would bring in the chrome of the towel rail, shower and screen…when they’re installed.

It’s quite difficult getting a photo of the bathroom, mainly because the room is so small, but hopefully the above photo gives an indication of what it looks like. The bit of the bath surround with no tiles on it is for an access panel which was drying in another room.

Clive returned and took down the curved wall, cleaned off all the bricks and old mortar (actually Callum did a lot of the brick cleaning) and relaid them. By the end of the day he’d relaid the two courses across the front as well. The edge of the terrace now looks more like it should.

It was great seeing Clive again. I’ve missed him. He instantly fell in love with Emma but was sure to still make a fuss over Day-z. Actually, Clive and Day-z have become great friends over the months. I reckon Clive will miss her.

The decorators kept going with preparation and finish coating. Kevin the Tatt-man, spent far too long taking off the masking tape that has been wrapped around all the wood on the stairs for ages. He didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I saw him when he was about halfway down and he said “I’m a bit bored with this now. It’s driving me mental.

But it had to be done so they can start rubbing it down and staining it up. By the time he’d finished it did give the barest glimpse of what it’ll eventually look like as you stand at the front door. You might even notice it if you can tear your eyes away from the view of the garden.

Possibly the best bit of work today was having the hob finally fitted in. I can now use my new gas burners. That makes me very happy. Now the whole kitchen is operational.

The workers had all gone by 4pm, giving me a good few hours to tidy up for my second visitor of the week. Dawn was coming over to see the house and, of course, Emma.

We had a lovely visit (she bought Indian takeaway) which started with a full tour of the works. She was suitably impressed and complimentary. And, naturally, she was instantly in love with Emma.

Speaking of Emma…today’s puppy pic is of her on my lap at my desk. You can’t see it but the edge of the desk is punctured with tiny teeth marks. She has taken to biting it before she goes to sleep.


And, of course, Day-z asleep on the chair behind me.

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2 Responses to Clive again

  1. Mirinda says:

    Maybe Clive can drop in sometimes

  2. hat says:

    I am surprised there is room for you on your chair. Wow your house is really coming together looking great.
    Love mum and dad xx

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