Delia is best

Mirinda drove to the station as she’s coming home tonight.

A rather cold, self-centred reception from Nicole when she arrived for work. Apparently I didn’t say goodbye properly on Friday. Go figure.

The day was glorious, so I sat by the canal, depressing myself by reading Daddy’s Girl by Charlotte Vale Allen. God, I’m lucky to have led such a relatively normal life.

Had a nice easy afternoon, testing a few banners and the Telewest info site. Nothing too tough.

Also started my East Worldham research on the Net. A few old maps to begin with. It looks as if it’s always been farmland (‘always’ being back to 1600, anyway) though it may have been part of King John’s hunting grounds…not sure when that was.

Mirinda was rumoured to be on my train home and…SHE WAS!

Arrived home and took the puppies up to the landing strip for a lovely run around (them, not us).

Made a Delia leek and penne bake which was seriously delicious with the added benefit of using up leftover stuff from the weekend.

We watched Seinfeld then Mirinda went to bed at about 9:30. I tidied up then chatted with Mum and Denise.

Dad’s got the flu. Drew had an interview for a job experience place with a carpenter. Kelly has almost finished at TAFE and is going to work for two weeks in a hairdressing salon. Mum is going to take up clog dancing but with taps.

Bed at about 11:15.

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