Giving blood

Overcast with a strong chance of rain.

Mirinda on my train to work. The rain started at Ashvale but it was pretty pathetic. Still very hot and muggy.

Went over to Genesis to give blood at 11am. I had a bit of a problem actually finding the van. When I eventually found it there was a bit of a traffic jam of donors.

One guy before me was having problems ‘recovering’. The sister said she was concerned about his blood pressure and pulse – both too low. She made him lie back down. An hour later and he was still there.

Just to be the complete opposite, I was on the table for five minutes, literally. However, because of the amount of donors, I was in the van for well over an hour.

I made a fool of myself at one point. I’d just had my finger pricked and rose to take my place with the waiting bunch. Unfortunately, my leg disagreed with this course of action and remained firmly locked around the legs of the barstool. The end result of such mindless stupidity on the part of my leg, was me, sprawling into an old guy’s lap.

Nurses appeared from everywhere, asking if I needed a transfusion.

Anyway, eventually settled and hooked up, the blood gushed out of me. I finished with a packet of crisps and a coffee and caught the company bus back to Export House.

I think loss of a pint of blood affected my balance because I lost pool 4-2.

Worked on an example banner for the IdTV web site. Like the splash pages, it gives a real insight into the problems created when we fail things!

Mirinda had meetings all day so was home late. On the other hand, I had a lovely walk from the station even though it was muggy.

Made a deep fried cheese salad for dinner. Yummo.

Watched two episodes of Red Dwarf then bed.

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