Not defying gravity

Yesterday I woke up to the news that Robin Williams had died. This morning it was Lauren Bacall. I’m thinking that waking up and listening to the radio is not the most joyful thing I could do each day.

And just as yesterday when we had numerous, wonderful radio interviews with Robin, today it was all about Ms Bacall. What an amazing woman she was. And so drily funny. A true inspiration for not taking life too seriously but living life to the full.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, work progressed throughout the day with Mark the Tiler putting down the final tiles in the extension (as Mirinda remarked “That’s one thing we can tick off as complete.”) and Mark the Carpenter trimmed and hung the final doors upstairs after attaching all but one of the kickboards. The Green Room just needs the long wall and they will have finished the rooms upstairs. Tomorrow should see him moving into the extension.

Mark the Tiler also finished as much of the bathroom wall as he could. The plumbers need to come in and fill a big hole in the wall where the taps are and tomorrow Mark will be starting on the floor. Because of the under floor heating, there’s a lot of testing and layering before it’s finished. At least all the hand painted tiles have been safely stuck on the walls.

Late in the day I had an email from Dave the Builder explaining why he hadn’t been around. His daughter had fallen 20 feet out of a tree. She was unconscious for a bit and suffered cuts and abrasions as well as a broken wrist (I know how that feels) but otherwise she’s fine. However, it had meant that he’d spent most of the day at the hospital and couldn’t do his rounds of jobs.

I also had an unexpected, pleasant email from Nicktor. He has a dentist’s appointment in Guildford next Tuesday and was wanting to call in for a cup of tea. That’ll be lovely. And, speaking of Cansfields, Dawn is in training for an 80 mile bike ride. Crazy woman, she is.

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  1. hat says:

    Dawn’s mad dad said so say me as well, but good luck to her. no pictures today still wont be long and all finished, hooray says Mirinda she can come home then.
    love mum and dad xx

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