Lee returns

It was all a bit mundane today. Work progressed and I, basically, kept out of the way.

Clive managed to finish all the full blocks down the side, leaving half brick holes, ready for cutting and setting tomorrow.

He really works hard. Steady and constant is how I’d describe him. I was thinking today that I’ll miss his almost constant presence. Mirinda reckons I should invite him around for lunch when he’s working nearby. I’m not sure I’d go that far.

After lunch, Lee turned up to (sort of) finish the kitchen. Apart from a little trim to the hole for the sink (which Mr Granite will be coming out to fix), the whole kitchen is now ready for the plumber/electrician to connect up.

Lovely, lovely surfaces

I’m going to keep it free from ‘stuff’. All lovely pristine surfaces. There’s enough cupboard and drawer space for everything, so there’s really no excuse.

The things left to do are the top boxes and trim, the two side trims that will look better as single pieces once the top boxes are up, the fridge doors which need to stay off so Lee can get to the edge when he puts up the trim and the plinths, which have been left for the electrician/plumber for access. Sadly, these things won’t be completed until September, when the top boxes are ready.

Still, we now have a kitchen and I started organising the shelves as soon as I could after cleaning the units out first – there was a lot of saw dust inside them.

In the morning, I’d given mum and dad a guided tour over Skype. While obviously not better than being here, it’s still better than a series of photographs taken in isolation. Mum marvelled at the soft close toilet lid and grimaced at the state of the bathroom. They loved the floors upstairs.

Dave came over late in the day and we walked around and discussed everything that still needed finishing – it’s a long list. Apparently the chippies will be coming on Monday to start the kick boards, as will Mark the Tiler to start in the bathroom. Jem the Plumber and Tim the Electrical Engineer will be turning up on Tuesday…or so the rumour goes. Fingers crossed it’s all a bit more liveable by next weekend so Mirinda can come home.

Apparently the outside tiles are turning up tomorrow so we can actually see how they sit inside the Staffies.

I still hadn’t heard from Mirinda by 10:30 (she generally calls much earlier, usually on her way home) so I texted her. She was out with a few people from work (and JC from her old work) celebrating Ben’s birthday. She didn’t get home till quite late. I vaguely remember going out for drinks with people from work. If memory serves me correctly, I enjoyed it.

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  1. hat says:

    Kitchen looking good Tracey said she loves it.
    Love mum and dad xx

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