The return of Mr Granite

Aglais urticae

Being without the Internet has made it impossible to upload any photographs (for reasons far too dull to explain here). I spotted this small tortoiseshell butterfly on the birdbath on Sunday and have been waiting to include it in a post.

Outside of Waitrose there’s a hitching ring.  It’s securely attached to the wall and is for tying up waiting dogs.  It’s where I tie Day-z up when I go shopping.  I leave her there, sitting and tell her to wait.

Today, after shopping and going to retrieve her, she’d been joined by another dog, a big, friendly mongrel who looked quite young.  Day-z, contrary to her usual behaviour, was happily sitting, looking for me.  She wasn’t shaking or snapping and growling.  She was just sitting.

Naturally I gave her a lot of praise for such exemplary behaviour.  I also gave the mongrel a pat as he was being so insistent.  It occurred to me, as we walked away, that Day-z only acts bad when we’re with her.  Rotten dog.

I’d left early for the shops and returned to find Clive staring morosely at the brickwork he’d so beautifully laid.  I told him I’d lost sleep last night, worrying about the rotten job he had.  He told me that he’d refused to think about it last night.  When his wife and kids asked him how his day had been, he merely said “Fine” and changed the subject.

We then had a long discussion about how to make his job easier.  And we came up with an excellent plan.  He still has to take two (or three) courses off but at least he can leave the planters in place. 

Another problem was how Mark the Tiler would find his angle for the curved brick course.  We solved this as well.  So, all good and maybe I’ll not lose any sleep tonight.

Mr Granite and his non-English speaking side-kick, turned up with the worktops for the kitchen.  Talk about an express job.  Way back when we ordered the kitchen with OptiBob, he told us we’d have to wait two weeks.  It took about one.  Brilliant.  Nice to know something is working in our favour.

And, for reasons known only to the granite factory, we were given an extra cheese shelf; a white one to match the black one we ordered.  Lovely.

They took all morning to fit the tops. Now the kitchen looks more like a kitchen and less like a reject shop full of unfinished units.

Lovely and white surfaces…love my surfaces

Now we just need the extra units and Lee to come back and complete the installation. Oh, and the electrician to electrify and the plumbers to plumb it all.

We had two deliveries today as well. Mirinda’s hand-painted tiles (Dave the Builder reckons we’re his poshest clients because of them), the rest of the bathroom tiles and the extra paving bricks for the side of the house. I also had another visit from Dave the Builder and we discussed what’s going to happen in the immediate future.

Meanwhile, Clive carried on chipping off the two courses from the terrace.

Looks like a cross section of Christmas cake

After lunch, he grew rather bored with taking things apart so he returned to the brick paving down the side. It’s starting to look almost normal.

Then, as if the day hadn’t been exciting enough, I had a visit from the plumbers. They wanted to borrow the spare fuse out of our new boiler (apparently you can only buy them from TV shops who close early) in order to save a lady who had a blown one. As they removed the spare they informed me that they’ll be back to work their magic in the house next Tuesday. Excellent news.

But, better than all that and the icing on my week, the BT engineer turned up in the morning and fixed the Internet connection. The house will now not feel so bereft of life at night. I am once more connected to the world. And this is a GOOD thing.

Then, late in the day, I trod on a slug in my bare feet. Never a nice thing. It was having a rest on one of my thongs when I put my foot on it. It’s now having a longer rest. I hate slugs.

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  1. hat says:

    Ugh I hate slugs too the thing is you always seem to feel it still hours after. Kithen looking great soon be finished.
    love mum and dad xx

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