Home, at last

Today was the big move back to Farnham.  Well, for me and Day-z at least. 

Mirinda wasn’t that keen given the house still resembles a building site.  She was also a bit concerned that I’d not be very comfortable.  I told her that I’ve lived for a week on archaeological digs and  the house was luxurious in comparison.  At least I have a bath with hot and cold running water and a proper bed.  Oh, and also a real roof rather than some flappy bit of canvas…or whatever modern tents are made of.

I make it sound terrible because it is.  Downstairs is very much still under construction though the extension part is basically empty…if you ignore the builder’s bits and pieces.  At least the building work is complete.  This meant that I could move the dining table into what will eventually be the dining area.  Mirinda reckoned the small table looked a bit lost in the new space.  I don’t care.  I love our old dining table and it means I have somewhere to sit in the house.

After we arrived and I’d unpacked Sidney, I went into Farnham to buy some lunch and dinner…all cold, obviously and only for today.  It did occur to me to turn the fridge on at one stage so at least I’ll be able to buy fresh milk rather than suffer through UHT.

Mirinda left for the flat at around 3pm and I started setting myself up for the week. 

Later in the afternoon I took Day-z up to the park for a walk.  It felt great to be back home.  No more commuting, no more putting up with the odd kitchen and stuffy cottage at Frensham, no more feeling like a constant traveller.  I can easily put up with a bit of discomfort.

The biggest problem is the lack of an Internet connection thanks to whoever cut down the wisteria. Again. The cable was pulled right out. I sent an urgent plea out to Tim the Electrical Engineer, asking if he could fix it as soon as. Given the BT cost, it makes more sense.

And the bath was fantastic (if you have to have a bath) and the bed was every bit as marvellous as I remember it.

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2 Responses to Home, at last

  1. hat says:

    WOW!! Sounds good to me home is always better no matter what state it is in.
    love mum and dad xxxx

  2. Past Rambles says:

    I totally concur with your point about living on a building site vs being on a dig!

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