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I found out some more Drewe stuff today. It even includes Shakespeare! Sort of.

According to the Transactions of the Devonshire Association, after a boozy night at the Dolphin Inn in 1611, Edward Drewe and his brother John may have murdered their ‘friend’ William Peter. I say ‘may’ because I have yet to discover the outcome of the case brought before the city justices.

The story goes that the three of them visited the Dolphin on a January night having already visited the Mermaid and the Bear, so they were already pretty drunk. They joked around for an hour, playing a practical joke on the publican, and then went on to a few more pubs around the town.

The next bit was based on the evidence of Edward and John Drewe. Eventually they left the city and set out across the country, on the road to St Sidwell. At one point William Peter raced ahead of the Drewe boys and just vanished. The Drewe’s called for him but heard nothing.

They ended up at St Anne’s Chapel where they found William’s horse but no William. They rode towards the closest house and asked there but there was no sign of William. They went on to William’s home and woke up his servant, handing him the horse and saying his master would return soon. The Drewes then left.

The next day, the body of William Peter was found near the chapel and the Drewe brothers were arrested for murder.

The Shakespeare connection is interesting. Someone wrote a poem about the funeral of William Peter, signing it WS. Many people think it is by Bill but many think it was not. It seems there is a lot of debate over this poem. For instance, a piece by Donald Foster, goes into great detail about both the Drewes and Peter. It quotes a few siblings and Edward’s wife. All this is good information!

Note that I am still working feverishly on my dissertation…the genealogy stuff is in my spare time!

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Is that where you get your “I must try every pub in every town” from. Very interesting!!!!!! You might get an email from Loris.
    Love mum

  2. Nictor says:

    Actually, Mum Cook, I think this is Gary’s way of crying out for a Nicktor night ………

  3. admin says:

    I am clearly in need of one!


  4. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I agree with you, Nicktor, he does miss you when you go on your trips, love mum Cook

  5. MARTIN ABEL says:

    dear admin. could you keep me upto date on the drewes of devon. I,m researching the wife,s family the drew,s of bishop,s canning ,s and trying to find a connection.

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