Not sleeping…reading

Another day in the garden, toiling under the hot sun, occasionally pausing for water and a skerrick of shade.

Poor Clive (though he had Robbie mixing his cement today) worked on the terracing down the side of the extension. He managed to complete the ramp section.

This will have tiles on it

And the decorators continued to sand and paint.

Oddly, both groups had radios blaring, tuned to different stations. This isn’t the problem that it sounds as one is in the front of the house while the other is in the back. However, when you walk through the house it’s like moving from one sound zone to another. Quite weird.

I took Day-z for a lovely walk in the park as usual. We only walked along the Avenue of Trees because the open path would have been far too hot for her while the shade of the Avenue is ideal on a hot day.

I had an unexpected treat when Mirinda called (she was walking between meetings) so we sat on the grass in the shade while I talked. It was then I realised that Day-z has taken on the mantle of chief protector.

At one point a couple of big, bouncy Labradors bounded over only for her to run towards them barking. She didn’t get close enough to snap at them but just stood between them and me and barked out a warning. Fortunately, the Labradors took the hint and retreated to their owner.

She’s really quite brave when dogs don’t get too close and start their sniffing…which she hates.

Back in the garden, I chopped and pulled and hacked away in the Hot Border eventually making it look half decent. A lot of the work will have to be done once the Intentional Plants have finished their yearly bloom but at least it’s a start.

I wrote to Dave the Builder tonight, thinking he’d be back tomorrow only to find that he wouldn’t be back until Thursday and I probably won’t see him until next week. I also sent him a list of queries.

Apparently he still hasn’t heard from the guys who Paul the Landscape Guy recommended to do the aggregate/resin on the tops of the steps. This is extremely annoying. Stupid Gaz read his reply just before going to bed which meant he couldn’t sleep for thinking about it. Eventually I turned the light back on and finished the book I was reading.

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  1. hat says:

    Oh dear hope that is not holding every thing up.
    love mum and dad xx

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