The eye of the storm

Today was all about the water butts.

Firstly I had to build a little stand (out of bricks) for the New Water Butt (NWB) and make sure it was sitting flat (as opposed to level). This took me quite a while because the plastic stand that is now sitting on the brick stand, had to be filled with water first. Of course, I’d emptied the NWB yesterday by giving it to the plants so I needed a fresh supply. I used the water in the Already Fixed Water Butt (AFWB).

So, armed with my trusty watering can, I took water from the AFWB and filled the plastic base of the NWB. This took a while but, eventually it was completed and I managed to set the NWB in place, ready for the connection to the downpipe.

Do you know what really irritates me? When you know exactly where something is, in fact that thing has been in the same place for as long as you can remember (because you put it there specifically to remember for when the time came) but, when you finally need it, it’s vanished. Normally the reasons are somewhat prosaic but, today, it was because Tim the electrical engineer had to get into the under stair cupboard ages ago and he emptied the contents onto the long lounge.

The long lounge is inaccessible because various tradesmen have decided to use the doorway to the lounge as a storage depot. This made it impossible to get the connector. So that will have to wait for…who knows.

Anyway, the NWB was now nicely in position and I decided to fix the AFWB. There’s been a problem since I originally set the AFWB up. I put the connector a bit too high so that the AFWB fills up beyond the proper level and ends up pushing the lid off as the water gushes over the side. All that was needed was a couple of the big grey blocks left over from building the extension being slipped beneath the plastic base beneath the AFWB. The trouble was that the AFWB was full of water.

So, armed with my trusty watering can I emptied the water from the AFWB into the NWB. This took a long while as the AFWB was pretty much full.

That’s enough about water butts except to say that shortly after I’d finished working on the water butts, we had a horrendous storm with thunder, lightning and torrential rain. I’m pleased to say that meant a bit of a top up for the AFWB.

Speaking of the rain…Clive and Robbie were just about to lay a new batch of cement when they had to abandon their tools and dash inside (I dashed inside the office as it was closer). They stood at the big glass doors looking mournful. To be honest, Clive looks pretty mournful most of the time but Robbie is usually quite chipper (though he does rather look like a hapless boxer).

When the rain finally eased off, Clive couldn’t help himself. He just had to rush out and finish off the bit he’d started. Lacking any sort of covering, he was forced to resort to a cardboard box for shelter.

Working through the storm

I guess the biggest event today was Mirinda seeing the house for the first time this week – a week that included the kitchen being installed, among other things. She thought it all looked absolutely stunning.

I was so glad.

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  1. hat says:

    Well that was the funniness thing I have read for a long time, so glad you finished it.
    love mum and dad xx

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