Is Bob a jinx?

It seems that the saga of the fridge freezer has yet to finish happily. Poor Bob stayed at the flat from 11 – 1:30 today, waiting patiently for its arrival. At 1:30 he texted to say it had yet to arrive. I rang the company and spoke to the very helpful guy who answers the phone. (What a difference it makes to speak to the same person every time rather than a random selection of robots.)

He was just about to call me. Everyone is in a bit of a flap because the truck carrying the fridge freezer had had an accident. The driver swerved to avoid an accident, ran off the road and almost toppled over. Fortunately, no one was hurt. I can only assume they were a bit shook up though.

I expected him to say that, because of this, the delivery would be a bit late. I was sort of right in this assumption.

When I say that no one was hurt, there was one fatality: the fridge freezer. It fell over with all the grace that a sudden burst of gravity doesn’t allow. While the packaging was of the usual white goods standard, it wasn’t very good against the elemental forces of nature.

The fridge freezer had a massive great dent in it, making it point in a direction it was never intended to. The engineer who was going to install it gave it a thorough examination and deemed it unfit for purpose. Actually he said it now wouldn’t fit in the space for which it was intended. And who knows whether it would actually work.

And so, our poor fridge freezer was taken back to the warehouse and full funeral rites were conducted.

This meant that Bob could go and have some lunch and have the afternoon to himself. It also meant that we wouldn’t have a fridge freezer until next week. I quickly did some calculations and went for Tuesday, thinking I could book Day-z in somewhere and go up to the flat to receive it.

A little later, when I explained to Mirinda what had happened (she thought it was a joke, at first) she suggested making it Wednesday so she could be there. This was a superb plan and was immediately put into effect.

I am not, however, drawing any sort of line under the fridge freezer acquisition story. There could be more twists in the tail yet…though I seriously hope not.

Mirinda and Bob reckon he might be a jinx since there seems to have been a lot of strange things happening since his arrival, and they generally involve him. He returns to Oz tomorrow, so we shall see if he is a common denominator of misfortune.

Meanwhile, at the house, I was once more busy in the garden while the work progressed steadily. Lee finished Stage One of the kitchen and laundry, Jem fitted the bath and made the laundry sink emit water and Clive and Robbie laid some more cement.

Upstairs, the bedrooms now have complete new oak floors and the hallway is almost finished – they were interrupted by the bath installation. The decorators continued their hard work, stripping, sanding and painting.

In the garden, Day-z and I worked hard, preparing the space for the water butt that has been sitting idle for about 12 months. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been that idle because it was full of water. In order to move it, I had to empty it first.

This took a long time, given I was doing it by the watering can load and drenching the plants with it. Still, it was complete before I went home and tomorrow I’ll set it up properly.

I mentioned to Mirinda that I was rather enjoying being the boss of the site this week while Dave’s been away. She said that I am the boss all the time. I guess she has a point.

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2 Responses to Is Bob a jinx?

  1. Mirinda says:

    Except when I’m there of course

  2. hat says:

    That’s what I say to Fred, your fridge is having the time of its life hahaha poor Bob, hope he got back OK.
    Love mum and dad xx

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