OK, it has taken me quite a while and lots of agricultural labourers but I have finally found an ancestor of some great note. And I’ve even (sort of) been to his house!

In 1542, in Killerton, Devon, Thomas Drewe Esq and his wife Elinore (nee Huckmore) had a son. They named him Edward. He was a lawyer and ended up being the Recorder of London. These days, that means the most senior permanent judge of the Central Criminal Court, and it was a pretty high position back then as well.

However, in 1592 he was only the lowly Recorder of Exeter (basically a circuit judge) but then he was promoted to Serjeant at Law to the Queen (that’s QEI, doncha know). When this happened, he decided he needed a bigger place so he sold off Killerton to the Aclands and bought The Grange, Broadhembury, also in Devon.

He had 12 children, most of whom died very young but one of them, Wearne, kept the genes going down the line. Through the generations, those genes just kept going. They went through the Drewes, the Dunstones and finally into the Pearce family. My grandfather’s father married two of them (not at the same time).

And so, Sir Edward Drewe (1542-1622) was my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather! In a direct line!

I am in the process of going back further along the Drewe line (there are hints they came over with old Bill the Bastard in 1066) but I shall rest on my laurels for now.

Anyway, the house we visited was Killerton in 2001. Here’s a photo:

Killerton - the seat of the Aclands

Of course, this house was built by the Aclands. They pulled down the one the Drewe’s lived in. The amazing thing was that we went there! The thing is, we have to go again because Sir Edward has a rather impressive monument in the local parish church and I didn’t see it!!!

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Oh my god, Gary, how wonderful is that!! I feel very excited. Going to tell Janet and the boys, also David. Can’t wait to talk Tuesday. love mum

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