Testing day

I spent most of today running test scripts against online databases for my dissertation. Truly dull.

And to cap it off, Nicktor is not coming over tonight. So I’ll have to run some more test scripts.

One light, however. A while ago I dropped an iPod Touch down a toilet and it stopped working – June 19, to be exact. After trying lots of ways to dry it and fix it I had almost given up when I decided to Google it. Apparently I’m not alone in my plight. Two suggestions I figured were worth a try. One involved putting the iPod in the oven at 50 degrees for an hour. This would be my last resort.

The other was simple. Leave it in the sun for a week. Don’t move it, don’t try and charge it, don’t even touch it. This one I tried. For a week it has sat on the dining table. Unmoved but, when it was sunny, bathed in sunlight. And today the week was up.

You have to remember this iPod has been completely dead; not a flicker of anything even remotely approaching life. As soon as I hit the power switch, it sprang back to life! It seems to be perfectly ok now. Astounding. I love the Internet. So much. Thank you, guys.

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2 Responses to Testing day

  1. Mirinda says:

    !! How bizarre. I had noticed it sitting there but didn’t realise it was undergoing treatment!

    I am spending my first night at Canary Wharf. It is very alien. I have spent most of it on equipment – how to make the water hot and how to make the fridge cold.

    I have also pulled some sort of muscle in my hip – I think it is a sympathy strain to match Dad’s.

  2. Mum Cook says:

    You poor thing. That really hurts. I have had a bad hip ever since I had your husband. Not that I am complaining wouldn’t be without him if I had trouble with both hips. Bob can relate hope you both get better soon. love Josie

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