Fayres and ferries

Following the unexpected mayhem of yesterday, I was hoping for today to go as planned. Happily, it did. Ignoring the fact that we awoke, unexpectedly in the Frensham Pond Hotel, the day went like clockwork.

First thing, Mirinda went to guitar class. There was a slight advantage to our new accommodation because it was closer to the music school meaning she could sleep in a bit longer. Meanwhile I remained at the hotel and managed to redistribute the suitcase contents to more evenly balance the weight. Yesterday one was remarkably heavier than the other. It was like one had feathers while the other had lead. Anyway, after a bit of highly skilled shifting, the cases were more or less even.

Mirinda called in on her way back from guitar class, picked me and the luggage up and then continued on to Farnham. We had planned to meet Bob at the house at about 11am and, on the way, I was dropped off in a carpark while Mirinda continued driving. I was dropped off in order to buy a few last minute essentials and not because we’d had a massive fight.

At the house, Bob was given a tour of the building site, with the usual Mirinda embellishments to establish a complete befuddlement to how it will eventually look. We then sat around for a bit before heading off to Frensham for the much anticipated and blanket advertised, Frensham Fayre.

We’d booked a table at the Holly Bush and we’d been given the prime table outside, in order to watch the parade. Given the parade appeared to consist of an open topped combi van with a steel band in it, we managed to see it very well. It didn’t take long for us to realise that outside was way to hot and the parade had been minute, so we moved inside the pub for a delicious lunch before heading over to the recreation ground to partake of the fayre.

Now, I feel I have to say that there was no comparison with the Oakhanger May Fair. In fact, they’d thought of everything. There was even a tent for Bat Eradication. (It occurs to me…if we dispose of animals in a ‘humane’ way, what does god do? Divine death? Deliberate? Dastardly? Road kill?)

Help us with our bats

Please, help us with our bats

We then spent a good hour wandering around, commenting on the especially musical high school band…

Playing the theme from Family Guy

Playing the theme from Family Guy

…and watching some of the dog show judging.


Actually, there was an awful lot of dogs, which is always delightful. There was even a pair of black sibling poodles. It was all very jolly. This little car was also quite jolly.

Pocket sized

Pocket sized

We then headed back to the house in order to be ready for the taxi to Portsmouth. There was a slight moment of near panic when the taxi didn’t turn up but a quick phone call to Carole worked that out – the driver had gone to Frensham to pick us up. But we had a very big buffer so there was no need to stress out at all.

Speaking of stress…it generally takes a couple of days away before Mirinda becomes her old self (looking back over previous holidays can help paint a very useful picture) but this time, she has been chilled ever since realising she couldn’t make a conference call yesterday afternoon. It’s so nice having my nice wife rather than the other one who sometimes joins us for a few days of our holidays.

So, the taxi dropped us at Brittany Ferries, we checked in, had a Costa coffee while we waited for the gate to open and then, luggage wheeling along behind us, we boarded the ferry.

We’d booked very early for our accommodation and so we had an outside cabin with a porthole, on level 6. Bob wasn’t quite so fortunate. By the time I booked his cabin, the only ones left were actually broom cupboards, adapted for the trip. And, of course, brooms and mops have no need of windows.

After a short rest in our cabin, we headed for the restaurant for dinner. We had the usual buffet for entree and dessert with an ordered meal for the main.

Rather than dessert, I had the cheese selection. Mirinda reckoned one of them was a livarot but I don’t think it smelled strong enough. There was one blue cheese though, that frizzled the hairs in my nose, it was so strong. I’m fairly certain it stripped off a layer of tastebuds on my tongue as well. It’s a shame they hadn’t thought to provide little labels of what the cheeses were because then I’d know what to avoid in future. Now, it’s quite likely, that I’ll end up trying it again.

Eventually, we started moving and we bade a fond farewell to Britain (and the Royal Navy) as we headed off for our usual visit to St Malo.

HMS Tyne

HMS Tyne

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  1. hat says:

    With all that went on I am surprised you made it never a dull moment in your life my son.
    love mum and dad xx

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