My little princess

My feet were killing me today. Following yesterday’s long walk, the last thing they wanted was to be wrapped in socks and trainers. But they would have suffered more if I hadn’t.

We set off for the bus as usual for the trip into Farnham. I met Dave the Builder at the house and we discussed the things that needed to be discussed before I had to head off to the next street over from ours to meet Sue. Sue is going to look after Day-z for us while we’re in France. Lucky Day-z will get to visit her favourite park every day.

I’ve seen Sue in the park before. She usually has a pack of black Labradors with her. Given she only has one, I figure the others must be visitors. Anyway, she loved Day-z, declaring that she was a little princess. She’s always wanted a poodle and thinks Day-z might convince her completely. I told her she couldn’t have Day-z. She laughed…sort of.

Back at the house there was more discussion with Dave and Jed the Plumber after which I started cutting the grass. I haven’t been able to cut it for three weeks because of the weather. You can imagine how thick and luxuriant it was. I was halfway through when Bernard arrived.

For our bathroom vanity, we’re going to have white Corian and Bernard was from a company that makes things out of it. He’d come (at my insistence) to check out what we needed. He left satisfied and I returned to the mowing.

While I toiled away in the hot sun, Jed the Plumber and his mate (I didn’t catch his name) were laying the underfloor heating. This involved a big roll of something, curved all around the floor with plastic pins to hold it secure. It took them all day but they finished it. Now it looks like the worlds biggest Scalextric set.

That's Day-z's tail at the bottom

That’s Day-z’s tail at the bottom

Meanwhile, in the green room, the plasterers were having a fine old time. The radio was blaring and voices were raised in song every now and then. Eventually they packed up their stuff and left. The green room was finished.


Experience has taught me that the brown will gradually turn mottled before drying out and setting completely. Then it will be painted sage green, like the rest of the room. And, as you can see, the windows are in. In fact, all of the windows are now in. Two upstairs and two downstairs. And not a bit of plastic…they’re all wood! We insisted.


As for me…I finished the mowing then popped down to Homebase to collect some paint charts for Mirinda. This weekend we have to choose a colour for the main room so I needed to get her the correct reading material.

As we left Homebase, this woman started walking behind us and remarked on how stately and confident Day-z looked as she trotted along beside me, her tail up and jaunty. Naturally Day-z accepted this with her nose in the air as if it was so self evident, it hardly needed mentioning. The woman then turned to head into the pet store and, as she left us, she said that Day-z looked just like a little princess. Odd, I thought.

Anyway, dog compliments aside…back at the house, I set out some big squares of chipboard and hit them with some primer, ready for the appropriate tester paints on Saturday.

I then did a bit of weeding. The garden is insane with weeds. It’s a bit difficult to know where to begin but begin I did and soon had an increasingly large pile of evil plants (not) growing on the path.

I managed to extricate a rather large and dominant weed from the hospital bed before attacking the bed outside the office. The tulips and daffs are now all gone and it’s the turn of the geraniums to start. They have been fighting against quite a lot of herb Robert up till today but I’ve now sorted that out. I also sent a few dandelions to a much better place…not in the garden.

I didn’t get a chance to do anything in the hot border but it’s still looking quite colourful with the poppies, alstroemeria, roses and mock orange.



I was pretty exhausted by the time I packed up to leave. I had to leave early because we had to pick up an altered skirt at the dry cleaners before getting the bus. As we walked through the park, enjoying the summery feel to the day (and feeling grotty and in need of a shower) we were greeted by one of the regular people I see.

She asked after Carmen and was saddened when I told her what had happened. She asked how Day-z was taking it and I told her she’s so spoiled, she’s forgotten. Naturally she jumped into my arms because the woman’s dog was getting far too interested in her. The woman thought it was amazing the way she just leapt into my arms. Of course, Day-z then licked my nose and this woman said…I kid you not…”What a little princess, she is!

Okay, I know she’s the cutest poodle ever and can flirt with the best of them. She is universally adored by the regulars on the bus and fussed over by the workers at our house but, in all seriousness, she looks nothing like a princess…unless the princess was completely covered in tight black curls, walked on all fours and ate dog food…and enjoyed it.

Anyway, the little princess collapsed (in a most un-princess-like manner) as soon as we reached the cottage and I released my poor screaming feet and sat with a much needed cup of tea. It was a truly hot and bothered day.

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3 Responses to My little princess

  1. Mirinda says:

    Princess Day-Z so cute!

  2. hat says:

    The next time I see her Highness I expect a crown on her head Lol. The windows look great in fact everything is coming together and looking great.
    love mum and dad xx

  3. hat says:

    Forgot to say about the floor, we know all about how the heating is done cos we watch the house renos with C Quinten, haha.

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