Massive great doors

I was beginning to think I’d never see it. Today the doors went up. Okay, there’s no glass in them but even so…they look brilliant.


The same guys removed then replaced the roof lantern which had originally been installed incorrectly. Dave was a lot happier knowing it is now water proof. Speaking of Dave…I had the usual site meeting with him today and he told me about a client who’s been caught doing something bad which may affect a big job Dave’s doing for him. Doesn’t sound very good.

I also had a meeting with Paul, the garden designer. We talked about what his drawing means and his opinion on Mirinda’s water feature designs. And why he doesn’t like the Staffies. (He actually doesn’t dislike the Staffies. That was a rumour started by my wife.)

Sometime during the day, the door and roof lantern guys installed the Chutney window. It looks a bit weird in this photo but that’s because the glass for the doors is leaning against the wall.


You can also see some of Tim’s electrical work. He has been busy trying to finish the green room so that Dave can get the plasterer in next week. Upstairs is actually looking a bit better now because Dave’s had chipboard put down where some of the floor boards used to be. For some reason, it feels a lot safer when you can’t see the ground through the floor.

The final photo for this week features the skylight that is over the eventual breakfast bar. I’m not sure whether it’s actually been fitted or is just sitting there. Still, it looks good.


So, a much happier day today with things actually looking like they’re going forwards.

I can’t end this post without mentioning the amazing storm we had this evening. The sky was black, the rain was lashing and the thunder was very, very loud. It didn’t last long and was replaced with sun and blue sky. Then, as if by some sort of evil magic, it happened all over again. Most unusual.

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  1. hat says:

    I agree starting to look like a house cant wait to see it finished.
    love mum and dad xx


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