Ms Reynard

This morning, when I took Day-z along the Bluebell Walk for her ablute, I spotted a couple of fox cubs. They were playing around and on top of, an old bit of tree.

Of course, Day-z was busy staring at an empty tree where, three days ago, a squirrel ran up. She’d only managed to catch a fleeting glance of it just before it vanished. She also had her back to the cubs so there was no way she was going to see them.

Even so, and to be very careful, I quietly put her lead back on and returned to watching the cubs. Day-z didn’t move at all as I hitched her up, she just maintained her cold, steely stare up into the empty branches. The cubs, however, must have seen me because they were both staring at me, wondering what I was. I stared back until, eventually, they slunk away.

I was about to lead Day-z back to the cottage when I realised that the cub’s mother was watching us. She was very well hidden amid the branches of a fallen tree. Had I not looked at exactly the right place and time, I probably wouldn’t have seen her. But I did, so I stopped and stared back, wondering what she’d do.

I assume that Ms Fox was more concerned about the safety of her cubs and the vicious poodle I’d brought uncomfortably close to her home than she was of me. Of course, I could be wrong. Anyway, eventually she grew tired of staring at us and she slowly vanished to where her cubs had gone. Naturally, she looked back a number of times, just to make sure we weren’t following her.

That was the best bit of the day, really.

For the rest of it I was toting more stuff from the cottage back to the house – I had to be out by 11am – and generally catching a lot of buses. By the time I’d dropped Day-z off at the pet minder and caught the (final) bus back to the house, I was pretty exhausted.

I was also quite sore because I’d picked up the suitcase early in the day and it had surprised me with its weight. My lower back was in some pain all day and most of the night.

At least the rain stopped. We even had some lovely sunshine in the afternoon.

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2 Responses to Ms Reynard

  1. hat says:

    Gary you are not 19 any more even though you kid yourself you are what you do to your self now is what you are laying in trouble for later on don’t I know it with my knees. Love the bit about the mother fox surprised Day-z didn’t smell her.
    love mum and dad xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    That’s so cute! I’ve never seen wild cubs!

    You poor thing – no need to say anything more than josie’s absolutely right

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