Darkness all around

So, something is wrong with the servers where our website is hosted. This is very, very annoying. It means I can’t post to the blog or update Mirinda’s reading group. ARGHHHHHH!

Naturally I reported it as soon as I noticed something was wrong. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s a weekend but I’ve had no reply all day. Well, apart from the automatic reply sent by the computer messaging system to say my email had been received.

So that wasn’t a good start to the day. Neither was Day-z waking me up at 5:30am to take her to the toilet. I wasn’t awake long though and quickly fled back to whatever forgettable dream I was having.

Then came the torrential rain at 7:30am which also woke me. It also woke Mirinda so we stayed awake with tea and coffee and planned the day…sort of.

First thing, of course, we went up to the Holly Bush for the perfect brunch and then, the intention was to go to the house. Well, our new neighbours and the owners of the lodge had to have a say in this.

The place we’re staying it has a narrow, long driveway. It’s fine for about five or six medium sized cars and it’s wide enough for cars to go by in order to leave. Except, of course, when people decide they are important enough to just park everyone in. And it was someone who knows the owner.

As I watched the horde enter the main house, I popped outside to see if we could get out. Impossible to go forward and our reversing possibilities had been reduced to zero by the addition of another car directly behind us. One of the owners was wandering around looking busy and he asked if I wanted to leave. He then proceeded to tell me he was moving the cars around but they’d be leaving for Spain in an hour. This was annoying.

As it turned out, the red car blocking us in behind had left so we could back out. So we left them to their car mayhem and took off for the house.

And what a surprise awaited us. The big skylight/roof lantern had been installed. It looked fantastic…though Paul and Clive were not too happy with the workmanship. They, helpfully, pointed out the leaks to us. With very grave faces, they told us how it was put up by the young guy, who wasn’t that certain himself.

Then Dave the Builder turned up and explained that all was well and it would be fixed next week. Mirinda reckons he was a bit annoyed.

The odd thing is that I was happy to see it up and assumed it wasn’t finished yet (which appears to be the case) so it was all a bit of a storm in a tea cup.

Anyway, that all resolved, Mirinda went into Farnham to check out some fancy bathroom tiles while I did a whole load of printing for her DBA studies. She enthused the tile guy with her idea for kitchen tiles with images of Farnham buildings on them.

I made a sort of Bolognese for dinner and we watched The Croods afterwards.

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2 Responses to Darkness all around

  1. Mirinda says:

    The lantern looks Ab Fab

  2. hat says:

    Never mind we have caught up.
    love mum and dad xx


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