Stupid rain

We managed to get wet a few times today. Fortunately we missed the thunderstorms that struck London…or they missed us, I suppose.

It was one of those awkward days when the clouds blow in, rain a bit then blow away again, revealing sun and blue sky. I’m usually quite lucky when that happens but not today. It was like my Super Cloud Power had evaporated overnight. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

We managed to get wet walking to the village shop. We managed to get wet a number of times on our walk around Farnham Heath. And, of course, we got wet after leaving the farm shop with the groceries. Oh, what joy.

Mind you, we didn’t mind much. The sun quickly dried us off and it wasn’t cold at all. Mind you, judging from everyone else who was out with their dogs, you’d think it was the depths of winter. I’m amazed at how much clothing the British wear when out walking the dogs. Just because there’s a little bit of rain. Seriously, there wasn’t much.

Anyway, we managed to have a lovely walk and a very pleasant chat with an Italian woman and her two mongrels – she called them that.


We did manage a longish dry spell in the late afternoon. We took advantage of it by walking to the cricket ground but, basically, most of the day, looking out the French windows, it was this:


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