Ripping the door out

Work at the house has progressed a bit since last week. The roof over the extension is finished, for a start. The roof over the green room is also close to being finished.

But, before the house, I have to report on the latest from the tile guy. Of course, I didn’t get a call back so, at 10, I called them again. The same guy answered the phone. I explained what I wanted. He told me he’d get back to me in 15 minutes. He didn’t. About an hour later, he did call with a price. I’ll need to call him again tomorrow.

The bus ride into Farnham was fun. A lady sat next to us and made a big fuss over Day-z. She’d had a poodle when she was younger and loved the fact that they are so placid. She now has a Jack Russell and he’s a bit manic. Day-z acted like she didn’t care but I know she was loving the attention.

We arrived at the house and the first thing we noticed was the lack of a door between the remaining house and the extension. And not just the door. We wanted as big an opening into the new bit of the house as possible so Paul and Clive have ripped everything out. It looks quite odd at the moment because of the weird angles but it’ll look brilliant when it’s finished.


Because it’s now all open, Paul and Clive put up a big board when they finish up and leave via the side gate (which I had to do today). This is for security and sounds a bit disturbing when Clive is bashing nails into it.

Paul was busy most of the day, erecting the internal laundry walls while Clive finished off the walls in the green room. Paul spent the last hour of work treating the rafters for insertion tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the garden is starting to shine with colour. The poppies are starting…


…and the cistus are alive with pretty flowers.


But, best of all are the roses. I’ve been concerned that the beautifully scented purple roses that once sat outside the (now extinct) kitchen wouldn’t survive the move. However, the buds are starting to open and the scent is as gorgeous as ever.


Even better news is that the yellow rose on the gazebo has shuffled off the black spot (after a jolly good cutting back) and is now blooming.


The poor lollipop rose is, sadly, covered with black spot on the leaves. Mind you, it’s also covered in roses. I think we should have cut it back as well. Clearly a job for next season.

I couldn’t cut the grass this week because it was too wet (the grass, not the weather) so it’ll have to wait for next week.

Things are coming on apace at the house though Dave was telling me this morning that renders and window manufacturers are swamped in work at the moment and generally not taking orders until next year. Good job we’re already booked in. I’m pretty sure I’d prefer not to still be living at Frensham come 2015!

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  1. hat says:

    Yes it does look funny but at least I can work out where we are with the stairs still there. Wow you should call that Grandmas rose Aunty Hazel always had one for her as yellow was her favourit colour when Linda sold the house she dug up her rose bush and put it in her place.also my red one.
    love mum and dad xxx

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