Who let the cows out?

For the last week, I’ve been trying to buy a box of tiles so we can see if we like them before putting in a massive order for the entire back of the house (and terrace). You’d think it would be easy, wouldn’t you. Well, think again.

The only place where the particular tiles we like is in Cardiff. Coincidentally, it’s the only place where we could see the tiles laid out. Of course, we could see tiles laid down at a customer’s house but, I was informed, they don’t do that any more. There were too many prospective buyers who didn’t turn up or turned up at the wrong time. The customers, quite rightly, decided not to do it any more and the company decided to stop the practice.

In order to see the tiles in a group, then, we decided to buy a box. So, I rang them up and asked for a quote on the whole order as well as a single box. The whole order price (including delivery) came back pretty quick but the single box was omitted. I tried again and managed to get a price for the tiles but not the delivery charge. I tried again for the delivery charge but the person I was writing to went silent.

So, this morning I rang them again, trying to obtain the delivery charge. This time I spoke to another person. I explained what I wanted and he, happily, told me that he would find out and ring me back in half an hour. When I hadn’t heard by 5:30, I figured I’d ring them back and ask again. I had to talk to an answering machine because they close at 5. I’m hoping they’ll ring me back tomorrow morning. I’m not holding my breath.

Leaving that unpleasantness behind, the rest of the day comprised Skyping with mum and, eventually, dad who was feeling a bit poorly, a lovely walk around Shortfield Common and a dinner date with Nicktor. I haven’t seen Nicktor for ages so this was a particular highlight.

Another highlight was during our walk. We were happily walking along Shortfield Common when we ran into (almost) a herd of dairy cows. Someone (it could have been the farmer) had left the gate open at the little bridge that crosses the river and they’d all decided to take a little afternoon stroll.


They eyed us up suspiciously as we walked by. I’m fairly certain Day-z didn’t notice them. Either that or she just ignored them like she does most things she doesn’t understand.

I'm watching you, human!

I’m watching you, human!

Later on we met Nicktor at the Holly Bush for a few beers and a delicious dinner (nothing as boring as ham, egg and chips, I had lamb rump and baby vegetables with a mint jus – fantastic). We had a lovely long chat then went back to the cottage for a coffee before he went home. It was an excellent night where we discussed Mirinda’s work, Nicktor’s work, my book on the Thames Ironworks and cricket.

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2 Responses to Who let the cows out?

  1. Mirinda says:

    I feel I’m missing out – stuck up in London without cows or the holly bush

  2. hat says:

    I tell you what the cows look a bit fierce to me saying you don’t have the right to be here.
    Love mum and dad xx

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